Upcoming Bengali Movie Sesh Anko (2014) Preview; A No-Nonsense Nail Biting Thriller from the House of Mac Neill Media



Mac Neill Media, the production house that made an entry into the Bengali Film Industry with the children’s film Durbin is now coming up with an edgy crime thriller Sesh Anko directed by Mr. Tathagata Banerjee. With a stellar cast comprising of actors like Deepankar De, Arindam Sil, June Maliah, Parno Mitra, Samdarshi Dutta, Debleena Dutta, Shataf Figar, Mir and others and a gripping story line, this movie promises two hours of complete entertainment.

The name Sesh Anko may remind many of the 1963 Film Sesh Anko directed by Haridas Bhattacharya, starring Mahanayak Uttam Kumar, Sharmila Tagore, Sabitri Chattopadhyay and others which was a suspense drama with an elaborate courtroom scene and interestingly enough, even the Sesh Anko that we are about to see by early next year is of the same genre and as the writer of the story puts it; is a tribute to the Golden Era of Bangla Cinema and the Mahanayak.


Mr. Sanjib Banerji, the grandson of Mr. Sukumar Banerjee who owned H.N.C. Productions and is credited with giving the cinema lovers Uttam-Suchitra hits like Indrani, Prithibi Amare Chay, Ekti Raat and others is the writer and creative director of Sesh Anko. Sanjib, who has earlier had a flourishing career in advertising and is well known in the industry for his hard hitting and candid Movie Reviews, is making his debut as a writer and creative director with this film and he describes Sesh Anko as “A mainstream crime thriller that has entwined within it elements of suspense, twists n turns of relationships as well as the dark shades of the human character”.

This is the story of the embittered and stoned Raina caught in a mysterious murder case and the efforts of the illustrious retired criminal lawyer Pranoy Dasgupta to save her. The story also involves the maneuvers of a hardened cop who hates criminals and will leave no stone unturned to punish the evil doers and a mysterious character who pops in with game changing information every now and then. What is Raina’s real story, Why is she in such a miserable state, Whom did she harm to call such troubles upon herself and Will she be eventually found guilty is what Sesh Anko aims to present with an engaging tale of murder, mystery, betrayal and a dramatic court room sequence.

Director Tathagata Banerjee, primarily known for the brilliant telefilms like Uttorer Ghor telecast in Tara Music, Adkhana Din shown in Zee, The Kuheli Series telecast in Star Jalsha and others that he has made over the years is making his debut as a feature film maker with Sesh Anko and as he puts it, this film is an edgy urban suspense crime thriller that has wonderfully fresh content and a unique thought process. Also, even though categorically not a detective film, it has the interwoven tale of a sleuth which adds to the freshness of its content.


Brilliant performances by the young guns like Parno and Samdarshi as well as by the veterans like Deepankar Dey further add to the brilliance of this entire project which is currently in its last phases of shoot.

A no-nonsense, nail biting suspense thriller that has the potential to appeal to the urban audience looking for sensible and fresh content, Sesh Anko has all the potential to set the MacNeill coffers overflowing.

While the wait for the movie’s release intensifies, Sholoana Bangaliana shall be regularly presenting interesting snippets from the shooting floor and editing table of Sesh Anko.. Stay Connected for more !!

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