Godhuli- Exhibition of the art form of Pichwai Inaugurated by Alokananda Roy and Kumar Bose



Godhuli- an exhibition of exquisite living traditions of the art of Pichhwai was inaugurated in the august presence of Alokananda Roy and Kumar Bose.

Godhuli- Exhibition of the art of Pichhwai

Nathdwara is the place where Srinath Ji resides. He is a living God and does not reside in a temple. Srinath Ji is basically an incarnation of Krishna himself. Pichhwai literally refers to the background which has Krishna’s image embellished on it. Kadamba tree, cows, peacocks, lotuses, lakes, clouds, moon all feature in the embellishment of this art form. Dpending upon the time of the day or the festive season, Lord Krishna is depicted on Pichhwais with Radha or surrounded by his cowherd friends or women devotees. The Pichhwais depict his various leelas-of which the rasleela is among the most prominent ones.


The Pichhwais are made on cotton fabrics and earlier the weavers used natural colors. However due to the non-availability of the natural colors, they started using mineral colors for the Pichhwais.

The tradition of Pichhwai is as old as the Vaishnava cult of the Vallabacharyas. The tradition of painting and embroidery used in the Pichhwais are much older though.

Alokananda Roy was much impressed with one Pichhwai in which Krishna was seen with a herd of cows. “We always see Krishna with Radha and the gopis but it is rare to see him as the cowherd” said the dancer.


Kamayani and Saloni who presented this exhibition have been working with the traditional artists for over a period of ten years. Their passion for Indian textiles and crafts got them involved in this sector.

One of the objectives of this exhibition is to bring to the connoisseurs of Indian art the master pieces of the living traditions of this art form which needs to be supported to ensure its survival.

The smaller Pichhwai’s start from Rs. 25,000 onwards while the larger ones goes up to a few lakhs.

The exhibition will continue till the 12th of October at the Abanindranath Tagore Gallery(ICCR).

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