New Bengali Film Bachchan (2014): Review, Star Videos; An Entertainer for the Masses


Bengali-Movie-Bachchan-Review“Bachchan Bachchan Bachchan, meri jaan hain Bachchan”- this is exactly what sums up the recently released Bengali film Bachchan. The film is about an Amitabh Bachchan crazy fan Vijay Bachchan whose father runs a laundry. He steals the phone of the underworld don Master and gets entangled in one event after another. Master meanwhile tries his best to get back his phone and money from Vijay in the course of the film.

Raja Chanda’s Bachchan is meant entirely for those who are either hard core fans of actor Jeet or want to spend some time laughing to de-stress their minds from the monotonous routines. However there are some issues which strike out glaringly in your face. How can a not so educated son of a laundry man woo (and to an extent fool) an educated lady of an army officer without even raising the slightest of doubts Or when Vijay’s astrologer friend is being beaten up by the goons, how do the goons transport them to a warehouse all decorated with Amitabh Bachchan’s film posters is beyond my level of understanding? But with films of this genre which rely high on mindless entertainment, it is always better to give your brain some hours of rest and enjoy the activities happening on screen. For we all have greater issues to tax our brains with. Right ??

Even when making an out and out entertainer, the director could have spent some time on the character development. Characters of Priya (retired army man’s daughter) or Trisha could have been further developed. They are just pretty arm candies who dance to some good songs composed by music director Jeet Ganguly. Though Trisha is presented as a character with grey shades, the color does not strike out much.

Tollywood Hero Jeet Celebrating the Birthday of Big B

Music by Jeet Ganguly is good and fits well with the mood of the film. The item number “Latai” with actress Subhasree pepping up the audience with her sexy dance moves is already a big hit. Thanks to the catchy lyrics and Subhasree’s charm. The other songs like Bachchan Bachchan, Tatka Priya Marie are peppy tracks and add to the entertainment value of the film.

Jeet as Vijay surely is a true fan of the Big B. He copies his stunts and gait frame to frame. As Vijay he is entertaining though a bit overboard at times. Aindrita Ray as Priya has nothing much to do in the film apart from being a pretty arm candy. Hence I cannot comment on her acting capabilities. Payel Sarkar as the wife of the don is good. A little detail added to her role would have done wonders. Kharaj Mukherjee as the retired army officer or Supriyo Dutta as the laundry man offer nothing new as the audience have seen them essay out such roles earlier. Asish Vidyarthi as Dibakar Saha and Mukul Dev as Master are apt in their characters.

Bachchan is neither a film worth receiving a standing ovation nor a film to be downright rejected. It treads on safe waters- entertainment. Bachchan entertains and lives up to the name of the man who has been entertaining for the past so many years.

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating- 2.5/5

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