Interview: Actor Arjun Chakraborty on New Bengali Film ‘Janla Diye Bou Palalo’; The Runaway Bride’s Partner in Crime



Arjun Chakraborty, the younger son of veteran Tollywood actor Sabyasachi Chakraborty has been mesmerizing the audience with his seasoned acting in films like Chirodini Tumi je Amar, Bonku Babu and others. The actor will be seen enacting the role of Upa Gupta in Aniket Chattopadhyay’s Friday release ‘Janla Die Bou Palalo’. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent Priyanka Dutta caught up with the young actor for a quick sneak-peek into the making of this New Bengali Film….

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana‘Janla Die Bou Palalo’ is a queer name for a Bengali film. When you were selected for the role, what was your initial reaction?

Arjun Chakraborty– Honestly, initially I was surprised on hearing the name. But when you know it is director Aniket Chattopadhyay at the helm of affairs such queer names do not sound new. Take for instance Bye Bye Bangkok or Mahapurush O Kaapurush- all have queer names. But once I was done with reading the script I was left with no doubts as to why the film was so named. The comic element was itself evident in the film and from the posters the audience must have now understood that they will be witnessing two hours of rib tickling genuine comedy.

Tell us something about your character Upa Gupta….

Arjun Chakraborty– Upa Gupta, the character that I play in the film is a studious boy but his real passion lies in music. To pursue his passion, he runs away from his home. What happens to Upa Gupta while he is on the run is what the film will unveil.

How was the experience of working with an experienced director like Aniket Chattopadhyay?

Arjun Chakraborty– Oh, I had a great time actually! I got to learn many nuances of acting from him. What was the most difficult part were the late night shoots, to which most of us were not accustomed to. The film demanded shots to be taken late at night. Hence we had night shifts. Still it was fabulous and I had a great learning experience.

You are paired opposite Amrita, who is making her debut in the Bengali Film industry with this film. How well did you get along with her?

Arjun Chakraborty– Initially we hardly knew other. But in the course of the shooting we got to know each other and now we are good friends. Though she may be making her debut with this film, she is professional as far as her working style goes.


Can you share any funny incident that you had during the shooting of the film?

Arjun Chakraborty– When you have actors like Kanchan, Biswanath, Lama with you as co-actors, every shoot ought to have humorous incidents. During the late night shoots, many of us used to feel sleepy. But suddenly someone used to crack a joke and we all used to start laughing and get re-energized.

What is the next project that you are working on?

Ajun Chakraborty– I am currently working on two films titled Kokon Tomar Asbe Telephone and Auto Number 9696.

What are your expectations from the film ‘Janla Die Bou Palalo’?

Arjun Chakraborty– We actors have high expectations from all our films. But there is no fixed formula with the help of which we can achieve success. However we have all worked hard, especially our director Aniket Chattopadhyay. It will be very gratifying if the audience appreciates our hard work and the film becomes a success.


Team Sholoana Bangaliana wishes the cast and crew of Janla Die Bou Palalo all the best and hopes that the producers Jalan Ineternational Films Pvt Ltd along with the entire team of the film will get to celebrate overwhelming success this Diwali.



Priyanka Dutta takes a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment related news. She also enjoys interviewing celebrities and other renowned personalities. Priyanka holds a post graduate degree in English and Mass Communication. Journalism is her passion and she has reported for many a reputed international web portals.






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