Second Edition of Aatman Film Carnival a Hit with Cinema Lovers; Ticket Free Entry Boosts Audience Participation



The second edition of the Aatman Film Carnival was a one day affair which kick started at the Gyan Manch. The one day filmy affair saw eleven international award winning documentaries and short films. The inauguration of the film festival was done in the presence of Supriyo Sen who is also the curator of this festival, Somnath Ghoshal (founder and organizer) and Shyamal Karmakar.

Aatman Film Carnival began last year to cater to the needs of those people who long to see these not so commercial films. “There are many people who simply do not know where to go and find these films. I agree there are places where films are shown like the Gorky Sadan, the Max Mueller Bhawan. But even then it is not possible for all to go there and watch the films. This led us to think of such an event where the audiences will be able to watch such films” said Supriyo Sen.


Some of the films which were shown in this film festival include I am the very beautiful (65 minutes) by Shyamal Karmakar, Taamash (32minutes) by Satyanshu and Devanshu Singh, The External World (15minutes) by David Oreilly, For You and me (11 minutes) by Tanushree Das, Gulabi Gang (94 minutes) by Nishtha Jain, Hijibiji (12minutes) by Avishek and Indranil, What a wonderful world (8minutes) by Joydip and Sugriv, Swapna Satyakam (21minutes) by Som, 5 Broken Cameras (94 minutes) by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, Printed Rainbow(17 minutes) by Gitanjali Rao and Please Vote for me (58 minutes) by Weijun Chen.


One of the basic high points of this film festival was that it was open to all and the audience need not buy a ticket for watching the films. “We did this so that the film lovers could come and watch them without having to think about the monetary issues. Moreover, this would likewise appeal to many more people who would have backed away due to the purchasing of tickets for not so commercial films” said Somnath Ghoshal. This film festival has also provided a platform to the new directors to showcase their directorial skills.

Initiatives of this kind will surely enrich the Kolkata Film Lovers and encourage more and more people to watch world films.

Priyanka Dutta

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