Folk songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam now compiled by Somerita Mallik in her New Audio Music Album ‘Matir Kache’



In an event organized at ICCR, Somerita Mallik’s music album Matir Kache was released. The album consists of the folk songs written by the late poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. The album was released in the presence of eminent folk singer Amar Pal, poet Saiyed Hasmat Jalal and Prashant Arora.

Singer Somerita Mallik had earlier also worked on various aspects of the works of the late poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. With this album, she will be showcasing the lesser known side of the poet. We all know Kazi Nazrul Islam as the rebel poet but not many of us are aware of his other achievements. This album will surely be a good collector’s item and coupled with Somerita’s melodious voice will make for a good listen for the listeners.


The album consists of Jhumur, Bhaitiali, Baul, Jhapan, Bhauaiya and other kinds of folk songs. Somerita has lent her melodious voice to the songs in this album. Gautam Shome has arranged the music for this album. There are seven songs in the album. Some of the songs which have been included in this album are Padmar dheu re, Maynamotir sari debo, Ami bhai khepa baul and others.

“Folk songs are traditional songs and must be preserved. This is more so because they highlight one’s culture. Somerita has been doing a good job in bringing forth such songs and also doing her bit for the preservation of the songs” said Amar Pal.

Matir Kache is an album which will enhance your connection with your roots and add to your music collection too.

Priyanka Dutta


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