Bengali Film Pati Parameswar (2014) Review; Innovative Concept but Lacks the Sheen


Films on dogs have been made innumerable times in the Hollywood film industry. But that number gets reduced drastically when you consider the Indian film industries like Bollywood or our very own Tollywood. So when I was instructed to review a film which promised genuine laughs and showcased as many as 24 dogs in the film, I was genuinely curious. And the result is that I go to attend the premiere show of the film Pati Parameswar at Menoka Cinema Hall.

The film is all about a married couple, Arindam and Sharmila. Arindam is a senior police official who cannot give much time to his wife due to his busy work schedule. Her only resort is her pet dog Pluto whom she treats like her own child. Things go haywire when Pluto goes missing and Arindam hardly takes any steps to find the dog. What happens next? Is Pluto found? This is what the film answers in the running time of over two hours.

The director Jayasree Bhattacharya receives thumbs up for her effort at attempting a film with a different thought. However the loose ends in the script could have been tied up to give completeness to the story. Why does Pluto run away? And even if it runs away, where does it go? The film remains unanswered on this account. Sharmila and Arindam have been married for quite some time. Then why did they not think of having a baby of their own? The director did not clear this issue either. A sleazy over the top item number could also have been avoided by the director. Was she less convinced about the script that she had to resort to this cheap tactics of entertaining the audience? Moreover why would Rituparna wear designer saris all the time? Whether it is in the middle of the night or after Pluto’s disappearance, her saris keep on changing.

With every film released, Rituparna Sengupta surprises me yet again with her ability to go over the top in most scenes. I am surprised whether this is the same actress who had earlier mesmerized us with Shet Pathorer Thala, Dahan and other films. Even her chemistry with Rajatava Dutta with whom she had played a young married couple in Shet Pathorer Thala is also missing here. She shouts, cries and goes overboard in her acting throughout the running time of the film.

Rajatava in comparison is decent in the film. But when the script is half baked what can the actor do? It is also refreshing to see Rahul in a younger role in this film. A genuinely funny moment in the film is the cameo of Sudipta and Rudranil as a quarrelsome lower middle class couple. This scene in the initial parts of the film raises hopes in the hearts of the audience only to break it later.

Surojit’s music is nothing worth remembering once you go out of the hall. His film music is not much appealing as his non-film music.

Pati Parameswar is a onetime watch film. Keep your expectations low and you will not be disheartened.

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating- 2/5

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