Kolkata Talent Hunt ‘Sprite Till I Die’ Sets Stage to Catapult Talented Youngsters to Stardom



In an initiative to enthuse the youngsters of the country with the much needed vigor, Sprite came up with a wonderful idea. ‘Sprite Till I Die’ gives every youngster who loves challenges opportunity to find their own space in this highly competitive world. This platform has been given by Sprite which allowed customers to send in online entries in various genres like music, dance and arts. The company urged the youngsters to think differently and tackle the challenges. Sprite Till I Die started the graffiti initiative in Kolkata with the contestants paying tribute to the Kolkata Tram at the Ballygunje Tram Depot.


The 2 day event saw contestants from Kolkata giving the TRAM a new lease of life with the help of their graffiti art work. One side of the tram was painted in the modern traditional manner while the other side represented the modern side of the city. The contestants were selected from among the hundreds of entries which came in for this event. The six contestants from Kolkata are Shounak Sanyal, Rajarshi Sarker , Justin Rozario, Raajil Bargi, Remille Bargi and Rohit Chowdhury. The teams for the finals have been selected by Daku.


For judging the winners of the graffiti contest, Daku has been selected as the judge. The other two segments include music and dance. Terence Lewis will judge the contestants for dance and Salim-Sulaiman for the music category.

Initiatives of this kind will not only help in showcasing creativity of the youngsters but also make them aware of the cultural heritage of the city and also that of the country.

Priyanka Dutta

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