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While most of us would be very concerned about a woman raising a child single handedly in a world dominated by men, hardly do we spare a thought for those men who, owed to various circumstances have to do this very same thing; if difficult for a mother it is more so for a father, that too when the child is autistic. Raja Chanda’s recently released Bengali film Force deals with the subtle and delicate relationship between a father and his autistic son.

The film begins with the Arjun, a workaholic police inspector rescuing a child single handedly from the clutches of a terrorist. He is so involved in his work that he hardly pays any attention to his son Abhimanyu until the death of his mother who was raising the child. It is only after the death of Abhimanyu’s grandmother that he comes to live with his father, the tough cop Arjun who eventually discovers that Abhimanyu, his only son is autistic. Arjun however, does not lose hope and continues to help his child in learning and other activities. Lending a helping hand is Abhimanyu’s teacher Lavanya who takes care of him and also comforts him like a mother. It is out of a sudden incident that Arjun realizes his son’s love for running. How Arjun overcomes the hurdles that life poses and helps his son to become a marathon runner is what the film cinematically presents.

Director Raja Chanda who had earlier delivered films like Bachchan and Rangbaaz must be appreciated for such subtle presentation of a human condition that is most often looked upon as a curse. He does not preach about autism, its care and management nor does he show the sudden transformation of Arjun’s son. The slow and steady transformation is what engages the audience and helps them empathize with the father. Also, a few tips in the film from the doctors to raise awareness about autism have been seamlessly wound into the script and that has not only nurtured the movie’s cinematic elements but has also helped in spreading an important message.

Along with all the good things, a few sequences like the item number featuring Deboleena Dutta should have been avoided as it will remind many of the Dabangg films starring Salman Khan where the police officials engaged in such tomfoolery in the name of entertainment. With such a sensible and topical issue as the theme of the film, such no-brainer stuff was better skipped.

Acting by Prasenjit Chatterjee, Arpita Chatterjee and Arya as Arjun, Lavanya and Abhimanyu is good. They are apt in their roles and show the emotions in a fitting manner. Arya who plays the role of Abhimanyu does not go overboard. He also enacts well and is noticeable amongst such big stars. Prasenjit Chatterjee who has been constantly reinventing himself portrays a wide range of emotions with great gusto. He breathes life into Arjun the father as well as Arjun the fearless police inspector.  Arpita as Lavanya is a fitting partner to the raising up of Abhimanyu. Ena Saha and Aryaan Bhaumik in their small roles have nothing much to do though in the film.

One of the best things about Force is, it never forces anything and neither does it become too heavy for an entertainer nor too flimsy to deal with an issue as serious as autism but silently and subtly enhances people’s knowledge on a human condition which if treated at the right time can be well managed. With good performances, action sequences and a subtle topic, Force is a good film to catch this weekend.

Bengali Film Force Premiere Pics

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating- 3.5/5


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