Rapes Can Stop Only When Our Boys Are Brought up Well; Upcoming Bengali film “All Is Not Well” to present an Eye-Opener



The shooting of the upcoming Bengali film “All Is Not Well” by Moksud Khan is one that has a strong social message. The film is currently being shot at Mala Samanta’s house near Ruby.

Speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent, director Moksud Khan said “The film narrates the story of how a small nine year old girl gets raped by four boys. Her father is the worker of a closed mill. A journalist working in Raat Din channel takes up the case. However lured by more financial gains, she leaves the channel and joins Progressive Channel, which focuses mainly on celebrities and entertainment news. However she becomes dejected after working for some days and comes back to Raat Din channel again. The audience will have to watch the film to know whether the little girl gets the justice and the boys are punished”.

The director also highlighted on the fact that this film has a social message for the audience. “With this film we will be highlighting on the fact that the media has also to show social issues rather than focus only on celebrities. The other social message that the film will be giving to the people is that the parents should become cautious and control their children, especially the boys. We live in the age of nuclear families and most parents do not have the time to look after the affairs of their boys. Hence they watch porn films on their mobiles and engage in other heinous acts” added the director.


Arpita Baker plays the role of Urmila in the film. “Urmila is the mother of the boy who rapes the small girl. She does not pay much heed to what is happening in her family and often spends her time partying and drinking till late. Later when she comes to know about her son’s activities, she hires goons to correct him. I personally feel that mothers like Urmila must not exist or else the future of the children will be doomed”.

A portion of the film had been shot at Burdwan. The music director of this film is Victor Rana while the editing has been done by Kaushik Ray.

Sanghamitra Banerjee, Kalyan Chatterjee, Mrinal Mukherjee, Ramen Roy Choudhury, Subhasish, Manty will be seen in pivotal roles in the film.

The film is eyeing for a release in December.

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