Govind Nihalani Educates Aspiring Film Makers on the Nuances of Parallel Cinema; Interactive session Facilitated by Anjan Dutt at Oxford Book Store


Govind Nihlani Shares his Ideas on Film Making

An interactive session was recently organized at the Oxford Bookstore in the presence of eminent film makers Anjan Dutt and Govind Nihalani. The program was organized in association with Oxford Bookstore Kolkata and the Creative Arts Society.


Speaking at the occasion, eminent film maker Anjan Dutt highlighted on the fact how two directors namely Govind Nihalani and Martin Scorsese shaped his ideas on film making. Having met Martin Scorcese earlier, his dreams came to a full circle by meeting Govind Nihalani. “I have been always in awe of the simple art of film making that you have taught. Your films are similar to that of Martin Scorsese. The Taxi Driver and Ardh Satya both showcase the trials of the common man and how they seek retribution in the society. Your film gave us one of the most talented actors namely Om Puri. It is indeed a privilege for me to meet you”, said Mr. Dutt.

Nihalani, who stressed on ‘Breaking Stereotypes’ while delivering the Satyajit Ray Memorial Lecture during the 20th Kolkata International Film Festival explained the two kinds of cinema prevalent now- the commercial ones and the parallel cinemas. “While the commercial ones derive their origin from Rasleelas, Tamashas and Ramleelas, art house cinema is as near to reality as possible. Parallel cinema raises questions about pertinent issues and showcases the frustrations prevalent in the society. These are the kind of approaches in making cinema” said Govind Nihalani.


When questioned about the limited success of the parallel cinema prior to Ardh Satya, Govind Nihalani said “Very few films in that genre were made before Ardh Satya. Hence we do not know whether they would have become successful or not. Ardh Satya’s main attraction was the great story. This is the reason why despite having newcomers, the film saw such huge success”.

Govind Nihalini also highlighted on the aspect that prior to Ardh Satya the villains had a fixed trait in their character, which was to oppose the hero. But after this film, villains also got shades in their characters and became interesting.

The interactive session on theatre and films kept the assembled audience enthralled.

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