Bengali Film Kolkata Calling (2014) Review, Premiere Pics; Anything but a Youth Movie


Director Mainak Bhaumik whose last released film Take One caused much uproar among the audience and the critics due to some bold scenes and also due to the realistic showcasing of the life of an actress is back again with his new film Kolkata Calling. The film Kolkata Calling had its premiere in the presence of many celebrities from Tollywood film industry at INOX, South City Mall.

The film Kolkata Calling is about the youth of today that dares to dream and does not hesitate to chase those dreams. Ranjan is a film maker who leaves his job just for the sake of following his heart and making a documentary. It is through his lens that the story of Kolkata’s youth unfolds for the audience. The three stories which unfold through his lens tell the tale of three characters from different parts of the city. Shuddhyo is a drifter from Howrah whose parents want him settled in life. However he aspires to become a famous actor one day and his doing his bit to establish himself. The second story is about Krittika and her mother who live a high society life with little finances. Krittika wants to be rich and famous some day. Moreover Krittika wants to free herself from her disgusting family life and becomes a victim to circumstances which she is not capable of handling well. The third story is about Deep who gets addicted to drugs due to the pressure at work he faces. He gets sacked from his job at Washington and comes back home. His dream is to become a painter. Kolkata Calling answers whether the characters can achieve their dreams and go on ahead with their lives.

Director Mainak Bhaumik’s Kolkata calling is a film full of loopholes. The director leaves many questions unanswered which hamper the film viewing experience very much. Moreover there is hardly any curve to the storytelling process. The story just drags itself to a flat end, which frankly is very boring. Apart from Shuddhyo’s character, all the other characters are not chalked out properly. They are half baked and lifeless characters. Surely the director did not imply that the youth in our beloved city is so lifeless. Deep, the NRI who comes back to Kolkata after a span of ten years tells his friend that he is back after six years. Why? Was he having problems in his memory due to the use of drugs? Moreover he fluctuates in speaking in the borrowed American accent. You can make out his Washington from the Woshington pronounced by the Americans or by the people who have lived for a long stretch in the country.

Krittika’s mother’s profession is never revealed in the film. Is she a call girl? The audience is left to guess the answer. Even if she is a high profile call girl, she does not look the part. Krittika who has been raised in an environment where her mother’s clients visit the house cannot be so naïve as is depicted in the film. When she says that she was not aware of whether the photographer with whom she had sex had used condom or not, it simply sounds funny and insane. With so much knowledge about sex doing the rounds, it is unlikely that a girl will have no knowledge about condoms.

Ranjan, the documentary film maker hires a cleavage crazy side kick with hardly any knowledge of camera angles for the documentary making process. Given the fact that Ranjan was not so serious about his film, how can we ever expect the characters who he interviewed to be serious about the film. Food for thought for the audience, for sure!!

Arnob does a good job with the music by delivering a peppy title track for the audience. It is like an invocation for setting up of the mood of the film. However the mood never sets in. The background score is also pretty good.

Acting by the cast is a mixed bag. Ritwick as Shuddhyo is the brightest link in this film. Apart from the fact that his character is well fleshed out, the actor also proves why he has become one of the most dependable actors of many film makers in recent times. Raima Sen, Riya Sen and Moonmoon Sen do not contribute much to lift the acting of this film. Kaushik Sen is also average. Pujarini Ghosh in the role of Samrat’s ex-flame shows promise in her cameo. Shataf Figar as the womanizing photographer is also good.

Mainak Bhaumik’s Kolkata Calling has neither the life force nor the agility that one would naturally associate with the youths. I would suggest that you do yourself a favor by staying away from this call of the city.

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating- 1.5/5

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