Kokhon Tomar Asbe Telephone (2014) Review; Premiere Pics; Another Missed Call!


Kokhon Tomar Asbe Telephone is the story of Priyanka, a radio jockey by profession. She hosts a radio show named Kokhon Tomar Ashbe Telephone. Tania and Vicky are a couple who soon to tie the knot. However they get separated following the advice given by Priyanka on her show. Jeet, a friend of Vicky is mad at Priyanka for this action. When Priyanka’s marriage with Samudra, a NRI guy is fixed, the story takes a turn. What happens next is what the film is all about.

Romantic comedies require competent acting to carry forward the story to the audience. Newcomer Sneha who plays the role of Priyanka was the biggest misfit to the cast. She lacks screen presence and her expressions are hurried and loud (most of the times). In contrast, the second lead Poulomi is decent. Arjun Chakraborty who is a director’s actor has not been properly utilized in the film by director Arindam Dey. His acting was average. Seems that Arjun now needs to become choosy about the roles he is saying yes to as, though he possesses the potential to deliver great performances, he is being cast in stereotypical roles. The duo of Deboprasad Halder and Indroneel Mullick as well as Jayshree Mukherjee (in a cameo as Mitali) were good in their roles in the film. Locket Chatterjee, Shanik Sinha and Parthasarathi are also good in their roles.

One of the most elementary problems with this romantic comedy is the script by Kaushik Chowdhury which went haywire. Director Arindam Dey should have taken the reigns in his hands before it went astray. However the director deserves appreciation for the good and engaging climax of the film.

Cinematography by Supriyo Dutta is good and Vizag, where the second part of the film has been shot has been shown beautifully.

Music in the film is average. A little more thought could have been given to the music balancing to make the lyrics stand out and most importantly, the item song could have been avoided.

Little more of snipping of the reels could have also changed the overall presentation of the film as the audience surely does not appreciate unnecessary dragging of content.

Kokhon Tomar Asbe Telephone had the elements of a complete entertainer but the haywire script and the lack of the heroine’s X-Factor in more ways than one marred director Mamdo Dey’s efforts thus all the more encouraging the audience to choose latest Bollywood Film Happy Ending over Kokhon Tomar Asbe Telephone, both of which are supposed to be rom-coms. Nevertheless, as the director himself said in a recent interview with Sholoana Bangaliana, “go and watch Bengali films because tomorrow you will feel proud of the products we are making and who knows your son or daughter could be a part of this industry in future”!

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating- 2.5/5

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