Folk Fusion Concert Chaatok; Celebrating the Journey of Folk Music in Bengali cinema



The Basement of Hotel Samilton witnessed the fusion of folk Baul with percussion instruments. The place reverberated with the great soulful renditions by acclaimed folk singer Ila Maa and her daughter Ayushi. They were accompanied in their renditions by internationally acclaimed percussionist and music director Abhishek Basu.


The project titled Chaatok celebrates the folk music tradition in Bengali cinema. Folk music has become an essential part of Bengali cinema in the last nine and half decades. The importance of this music in the films has increased with the passing of time and with this project the musicians tried to focus on the root music.


The performance by the renowned artists kept the audience mesmerized. The singers sang songs Lalon Geeti, Bangladeshi folk, Tusu, Jhumur. The songs were arranged with various music styles like Arabic, Punk, Psychedelic, Indian classical and such other genres. Folk instruments like dubki, khol, ektara were used apart from the conventional musical instruments like tabla, pakhawaj and the western percussion instruments. Jay Bhattacharya on drums, Soumojyoti Ghosh on flute, Sunny Bhattacharya on bass, Ayan Banerjee on guitars and Sudip Goswami on keyboard accompanied the singers in their performance.

Events like Chaatok help in enriching the musical culture of the city and also in making people aware of the root music of the country.

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