Upcoming Bengali Film Ek Phali Rodh Story to Present the Changing Face of the Once Compassionate City of Joy


Bengali Film Ek Phali Rodh Press Conference

“So Atanu what criterion did you keep in mind while selecting the actors for your upcoming Bengali film Ek Phali Rodh?” asked Rajat in a typical detective kind of interrogation. If you are wondering what is this all about, then let me tell you that this was exactly the way the press conference of Ek Phali Rodh was conducted. Rajat is none other than Barun Chanda while Atanu being questioned is director Atanu Ghosh. The press conference was held in the presence of the director Atanu Ghosh and cast members Ritwik Chakrborty, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Aparajita Ghosh Das, Jisshu Sengupta, Tota Roychowdhury, Barun Chanda, Joy Sarkar and Suchandra Chowdhury.


The film Ek Phali Rodh revolves around Bystander Effect which is a socio-psychological phenomenon that refers to incidents where people do not help strangers in crisis. The film is about a social scientist Dr. Somshankar Roy who engages Anwesha (a post-graduate in sociology from an affluent family, engaged to the celebrity singer Joy) and Swagato (a journalist with no decent job and a financially distressed girlfriend Rupa whose mother has been diagnosed with cancer) for creating mock situations on the roads of Kolkata to check the reaction of the people and analyze as well as derive conclusive theories on the Bystander Effect. Pratim Guha, the blind yet dynamic and emotional love story writer learns about the whole experiment and gets involved in it in order to find the plot of his next story. All goes well until suddenly one of these people go missing. Who goes missing and why and even if someone is, is it a mock crisis or a real one, will Dr. Roy’s experiment see a successful end or will it go haywire, Ek Phali Rodh answers it all.


“I was not at all aware of this phenomenon before Atanu da told me. I was both surprised and mesmerized. I had seen such reactions but I did not know that psychologists had developed some theory regarding this” said Aparita Ghosh Das who plays the role of Anwesha in the film.

Jisshu Sengupta plays the role of Joy in the film. Atanu Ghosh, who had worked with Jisshu earlier in Takhan 23 praised the actor for his good looks and his acting capabilities. “Joy is a musician who is possessive about his girlfriend Anwesha. He dislikes the fact that she goes around the city creating such mock situations. He fears that she might get into trouble. He may look like a bit possessive but in reality he ties to protect her from harm” said Jisshu.


Director Atanu Ghosh highlighted that all the characters in this film have grey shades. None of the characters can be termed as black or white. “I am also happy that I have worked with some of my favorite actors and actresses in this film” added the director with a smile.

The music in the film has been composed by Joy Sarkar while the lyrics have been penned down by Suchandra Chaowdhury. Rupam Islan, Srikanta Acharya, Rupankar, Somlata and Lopamudra have sung songs in this film. Speaking at the occasion, lyrist Suchandra Chowdhury said,“Joy Sarkar is already a very popular music composer. Hence I was having doubts whether I will be able to do work properly with him. But he is a gem of a person and has helped me much. When I was at a loss of words, I used to give him calls at the middle of the night and he would always help me out”.


Joy Sarkar who is the music composer of this film said “I was initially surprised when Atanu da asked me to compose the music for such a realistic film. I thought why anyone will need music for such a film. However he persisted and I composed the music of this film. This is actually my first work with Atanu Da though Rupkotha Noy released first”.

Produced by Antara Ghosh and Bitan Roy, the story and screenplay of this film has been handled by Atanu Ghosh. Indranil Ghosh is the art director, Soumik Halder is the cinematographer and Sujoy Dutta Ray is the editor of this upcoming Bengali film.

The film is slated for release on the 5th of December.

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