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They are often the least appreciated by the employers. Their importance in our lives is only understood when they fail to come to work due to some reason or the other. They are the domestic helps who have a very important role in our day to day lives. Ace director Shekhar Das’s Nayanchampar Dinatri is a film on the lives of those individuals who work as daily help in our households.

The main plot of the film revolves around Nayanchampa, Malati and Champi. They get up at the crack of dawn; do their household chores and then travel to the city to work. At work they have to deal with backbreaking labor and lecherous employers too. On returning home they have to again deal with the poverty and abusive husbands. On the whole Nayanchampar Dinratri tells the tale of domestic workers on a realistic level.

Director Shekhar Das receives thumbs up for the strong narration of the tale of three domestic helps. His tale is so realistic that you feel like you are simply not watching a film but actually watching the lives of these people unfold in front of you. He breaks the glamorous images of the three leading ladies and successfully transforms them so much that you will have to look twice to understand that the lady washing the clothes is actually Rupa Ganguly or Chandreyee. The script is simple and the director has not used sugarcoating to cover the reality of matters. Moreover the director thankfully has refrained from showcasing melodrama which has also made matters appealing for the audience.

The camera angles in the film are another plus point. For example the opening shot where a maid is shown cleaning clothes beside a tubewell; it  is a very common sight but it is on second glance that you understand that this is Nayanchampa is none other than Rupa Ganguly. The camera then follows her progress and moves in sync with the day in the life of a domestic help.

Some of the songs in this film seem unnecessary and could have been easily avoided by the director. Music by Pandit Debojyoti Bose is average when compared with the rest of the film.

Apart from the camera angles and the subtle handling of the script, the film has been raised efficiently by the energetic performances by the actors. Actress Rupa Ganguly, whose acting skills need no introduction, is simply brilliant in the film. The actress who had been typecast in urban sophisticated roles breaks her image and plays her part convincingly. Chandrayee Ghosh and Daminee Basu also do justice to their roles. Their body language, their diction and their attire never for one moment give away the fact that they are such glamorous ladies and are merely acting in the film. They are so natural! Biswajit Chakraborty as the lecherous employer also is commendable.

Nayanchampar Dinratri is a must watch film. It is good to see that the director attempted (and was successful) to tell the tale of the least appreciated section of the society with this finesse and cinematic precision.

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