Ajanta Circus Makes for the Perfect Winter Vacation Outing for Children; In Kolkata till February 15


Ajanta Circus in Kolkata

In a city which is so famous for its humidity, the call of the winter is a welcome one indeed. And winters in Kolkata is never complete without- Nolen gur er sandesh, pithe-paayesh, picnics and circus. Thankfully, the winter has set in and Ajanta Circus has also made a perfect entry into the city with its team to cater to the amusement needs of the people in the city.


The show comprised of acrobats from not only India but also from Vietnam and African countries. The acts that they put up left the audience speechless and craving for more. Acts on rope or dangling on a single piece of long cloth kept the audience engrossed. Horse, elephant, macaws, dogs were some of the animals who put up interesting acts in the show.


One act which stood out was the shooting act by two individuals. From shooting with their eyes closed to shooting with their bodies bent, the two performers kept the audience hooked with their stunts.


The other act which drew in much gasps from the audience was the performance of the Manipuri group where they balanced their bodies on sharp swords. This death defying act earned applauses from the audience too.


The clown gathered the maximum whistles and claps from the audience. The hilarious antics that it showed on the stage made the clown a big hit among the children and their parents alike. The whistle act in which the clown continues to take out various kinds of whistles was an instant hit.

The prices of the tickets have been kept affordable and well within the reach of the middle class families. The prices of the tickets are Rs. 60, Rs. 100, Rs. 200 and Rs. 300.

The timings for the show is 1pm, 3pm and 7pm. Every show is of duration of two and a half hours. Hence one can be assured of two and a half hours of pure entertainment.


Ajanta Circus will be in the city till 15th February and has set up its tent this time in Tala Park. Make sure you catch a show with your friends and family members. You will surely not be disappointed.

Priyanka Dutta

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