Delicious Spread of Pakistani Food in Kolkata; Tasty Biryanis and Kebabs for the Food Lovers


Pakistani Food Festival in Kolkata

With the chill finally setting in the city, this is the perfect time for the food lovers of the city to gorge on delicious kebabs, kormas, Biriyanis and Ilish recipes. Understanding this emotion of the people, The Bengal National Chamber of Commerce and Industries played host to the chefs from the neighboring countries, Pakistan and Bangladesh for a “Reunion of taste” at the 27th Industrial India Trade Fair. In a food festival celebrating the cuisines of the neighboring countries of India, Kolkata witnessed a reunion of the cultures through food.


The Pakistani Warsi food which has branches in Lahore, Karachi and Faizabad served up a mouth watering array of Biriyanis at the food festival. Sindhi Biriyani, Dum Biriyani are some of the Biriyani kinds available for the people at this stall. Along with the variety of Biriyanis, the Warsi Food stall also served up delicious kebabs and kormas. Chicken Sheekh Kabab, Chicken Malai Tikka, chicken oll, Mutton Roll, Chicken Nehari, Chicken Changezi also feature in the menu list. Head Chef Md Arif from Pakistan said that the spices that they use bring about such a special taste to the food that they cook.


The Warsi Food stall also served up Shahi Tukda to cater to the sweet loving Bengalis.

The Bangladeshi stall meanwhile served up a range of dishes with Hilsa as the main ingredient. Hilsa has a special place in the heart of the Bengalis. Ilish Biriyani, Ilish Pulao, Ilish fried rice are some of the varieties on offer at the stall. The great aroma surely enticed many customers who came and ordered the Hilsa dish of their choice.


With this food festival, the political barriers dissolved and the people got to taste mouth watering dishes. The food festival will continue till the 4th of January. One can gorge on the mouth watering delicacies between 1 and 8 pm at the two stalls.

Bon Appetit!!!

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