New Kolkata Bengali Film Troyee Review, Premiere Pics; Star Power cannot Save a Bad Film


Premiere of New Bengali Film Troyee

It is a brand new year and it brings with it new hopes and expectations in the minds of the people. After more flops than hits in the year 2014, I hope that 2015 will bring in more cheers for the Bengali film industry. With such positive expectations I went for my first film review assignment of 2015. The film assigned is Raaj Mukherjee’s Troyee. Whether the film rose to my expectations or sank, is what we shall see in due course.

Anjali and Rajiv is a married couple who face financial crisis in their lives. The only source of income is what Anjali earns through her music tuitions. To increase their income, they let a portion of their house on rent to a local pub singer Sanjay Chatterjee. Anjali develops a relation with Sanjay. She becomes so involved with Sanjay that she asks for divorce from her husband Rajiv. Rajiv disagrees and she plans to run away with Sanjay. However on the night when they decide to run away, Sanjay forces her to sell the house. Anjali rejects the proposal and comes back to her house. Sanjay starts blackmailing her. She must sell the house or he will tell her husband about their relation. What happens next? Does Anjali succumb to Sanjay’s blackmail? The film answers all these questions.

Director Raaj Mukherjee’s Troyee is based on one of the most commonly used clichés in films. An unhappy married couple; where either the husband or the wife becomes unfaithful who in turn gets blackmailed. This has been shown in films like Unfaithful, Murder, Humraaz and so on. Given the fact that the story is so common, how to add novelty to the story should have been one of the dominant thoughts in the minds of the director. But he stayed clear of novelty and resorted to age old techniques which the audience has seen time and again in several movies. There is nothing new or novel either in treatment or in narrative technique in Troyee.

There is a lack of continuity in many scenes. For example, in one scene Anjali is hit on the head and the left side of her head is cut. The very next scene shows her with a band-aid on the right side. These glaring mistakes stand out. The director should have paid heed to these issues as audiences in this era look at every scene very minutely. Moreover the lady who is in financial crisis will not go for random shopping sprees and sport designer dresses and stilettos in the house. This goes against basic common sense. Was the director trying to bank on Rituparna Sengupta’s star power to draw the audience? And was that the reason for dressing her up in such dresses (which normally people wear for parties)? The director alone has the answer to these questions.

Music by Debjit, Chand Sadhwani is average and none of the songs will be remembered by the audience once they leave the hall. Despite the presence of singers like Sidhu, Annwesha, Irene and Supratik, the songs fail to strike a chord.

Director of Photography Magi Natesh must be credited for capturing the beauty of Vizag in its splendor. Be it the rain soaked city or the seaside all have been shown beautifully which can be considered a blessing for the audience tolerating this film.

The dialogues are also equally cheesy. Sample these dialogues and you will understand why I used the term- “No pyaar, only deewar” or “You can take the girl out of Bengal, but you cannot take Bengal out of the girl”.

Acting by the cast is nothing much to comment about. Rituparna Sengupta (who plays Anjali) should now think twice before selecting a role. She should focus more on quality rather than quantity. An actress of her caliber is merely wasted in these films and I feel sorry about this fact. Loud expressions and bad makeup also add to everything that looks shabby. Badsha who played the role of Rajiv and Priyangshu in the role of Sanjay are just tolerable.

After watching Troyee, I am highly apprehensive of what this year will hold forth in its kitty with regards to Bengali films. Keeping my fingers crossed though for some positive and thought provoking Bengali films!!!

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating- 1.5/5


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