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Actor Subrat Dutta who has been capturing the eyes of the audience with his stellar performances in many Bollywood and Tollywood films is gearing up for his first release in the year 2015. A quick chat with the talented actor about his first release of 2015, Tevar (releasing on 9th January) which also stars Sonakshi Sinha and Arjun Kapoor…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Can you throw some light on the role that you play in Tevar?

Subrat Dutta– The character I have played in Tevar is Kaakdi. He is a Bahubali from Mathura and also a very colorful character. Kaakdi always stays with Gajender Singh, played By Manoj Bajpai. It is a negative role and also the length of the role is far better than my last releases like BHOOTNATH RETURNS, ROAR and SHAUKEENS. But yes Kaakdi also got the opportunity to show his own Tevar with Arjun, Sonakshi & Manoj. In TEVAR you will also feel same. I will not reveal more than this now.


How was the experience of sharing screen space with Arjun and Sonakshi? How are they as Co-actors?

They are very good human beings-Arjun, Sonakshi and Manoj. Arjun and Sonakshi are the new generation stars. So the hunger is there to do the best in every shot. As we were shooting in real locations like Agra , Mathura (on roads, market, bus stops) with direct sounds, it was really tough for them(as we know they have a huge fan following. This was actually tough for the whole team but nobody ever complained. You can see the result when you watch the promo. Arjun on the last day during a ‘party’ said that he really appreciated my approach towards the character of  Kaakdi. He used to be an AD (Assistant Director) before acting. Again during the promo launch Arjun told me “Hey Subrat- Sonakshi loved your character in SHAUKEENS too much and she laughed a lot in many scenes”. So you know it is because they are good human beings that they appreciate my work so much and do not show any airs.

How was Boney Kapoor as the producer of the film?

“Boney sir toh kamal hi hai..!!” He is like a Royal producer. If a director needs a car he will provide a BMW. He has no baggage as a producer or as a film maker. Once I missed the flight from Mauritius to Mumbai and I apologized. He just gave me a smile and said he was the producer and I must say sorry to the director. I know it can happen with anybody. He is always a relaxed person. Sanjay Kapoor is also a producer of TEVAR. As “Tevar” is a film with Arjun in the lead, Boney sir has umbilical attachment with TEVAR.

How was Amit Sharma as the director?

Amit ji is a fantastic director. We all know he was an assistant with Pradeep Sarkar, so his detailing in every frame is similar to Pradeep da. He is a very sensible guy and his way of presentation of any content has uniqueness. If you watch his “Google” Advertisement you will understand. His passion for ‘films’ is great! Amit ji always tries to capture the organic reactions of actors in any situations and so the scenes automatically become very normal, very real. He will be a top listed director very soon.


Can you share some experiences of shooting Tevar?

I think the toughest thing for the whole team was to shoot in real locations (that too in small cities) with sync sound. But yes to act with Manoj bhai, who is a brilliant actor- was an experience. I enjoyed a lot. Even during making, Manoj ji praised me a lot. Recently the editor who was editing his interviews told me so. And yes another tough job was to shoot in 43 degree temperature, wear sweater in Mathura and look normal before camera for the whole day. (Laughs out loud)

Tevar is your first big release this year. How excited are you about this film? What are your expectations from this film?

Yes, I am really excited because it is a big film with big star casts. Already the songs and promos are doing well. And I have a very good role in this film too. I am expecting a lot from this film because the release time is also very perfect. One day during shooting Amit ji told me in front of the writer that I acted as Kaakdi exactly as they visualized Kaakdi. Amit always compliments me(An actor always feels very happy when the director appreciates his work. This is a commercial film and I hope it will do good business. Keeping my fingers crossed though!!


Tevar means attitude. How will you describe your personal Tevar?

I have my personal Tevar, but I cannot always show it. But yes as Kaakdi, the director gave me an opportunity to show my attitude to the fullest.

What are the next films that you will be seen in this year? Do you have Bengali films lined up this year too?

In Hindi, there are seven independent films in which I play the lead or second lead. They have already completed shooting for these films. One of them is KAPHAL(wild berries)which won best children’s film (National Award, Golden Lotus) in 2013. The other releases include Aasma, Kaphal, Oass or Round figure.

In Bengali I have completed shooting for three films. One is “DOTARA” directed by Amitabha Dasguta, “PAKARAM” and “CUT IT” directed by Sankar Debnath.

Lastly, do you have any New Year resolutions?

Not really!! I do not have any particular resolution but I will definitely try to act in good films, which will eventually release. As you know, doing films which never release is very painful. In 2015, I will first look after the script   then the “Release part” before I sign a film.

We wish Subrat Dutta all the best and hope his films in the year 2015 earn him critical and mass applause.

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