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After the recent victory of Atletico de Kolkata in the first inaugural edition of the ISL, there is a positive change in the fate of the game of football in the nation of cricket loving audiences. What better time to release a film which is based on this game of football. Lorai-play to live, the third film directed by actor-director Parambrata Chatterjee makes for a fine release time.

The film is about Sebastian Paes, a footballer who had to retire at the peak of his career due to an untimely injury. He resorts to drinking and coaching football players. His drinking and his careless attitude towards life make his wife and daughter leave him. He continues with his life without any willingness to change or improve unless he receives a call from the government asking him to come and coach villagers in a remote village. This visit to the village and his coaching of the innocent villagers changes his life and also the life of the villagers.

As the director Parambrata Chatterjee finally strikes gold with this film which he himself termed as one of his most ambitious projects, he comes up with a wonderful tale of a football player and his troubled life which changes for the better when he goes reluctantly to a remote village to coach villagers. The scripting and the narrative style are commendable. Despite the running time of two hours and thirty five minutes, the narrative structure and the tight script maintains the pace of the film. It never allows the audience to get bored. One hitch which I felt is Parambrata played the role of the rebel leader Manas, whose whereabouts are not revealed in the course of the film and that leaves a loose end.

Gopi Bhagat’s lenses do not lie. They capture beautifully the rustic beauty and also the harshness of Purulia. He brings to life a slice of the remote and rural Bengal with his wonderful camerawork. He deserves praise for this for sure. Even the parts shot in the city capture the beauty of Kolkata well.

Music by Indraadip Dasgupta is like the soul of this film. It has a soothing effect when required and a motivating effect at other times. It blends perfectly well with the film.

Acting is another strong aspect of this film. Every actor breathes life into the character assigned. Prasenjit Chatterjee as Sebastian, the Anglo-Indian footballer turned coach is wonderful. He is indeed a pleasure to watch on screen as the coach of a team with diverse minded individuals. Gargi Roy Chowdhury as Asma does all her talking with her eyes and face. It is only once or twice that she speaks. And she nails it perfectly well. As a film lover, I will request other directors to cast her more in films. Indrasish Roy as Dip is another revelation. His diction and body language are perfect as the village youth of Purulia. Kharaj Mukherjee and Kanchan Mullick are so apt in their respective roles that you will often actually forget their real names. Paayel as Sebastian’s daughter is also good.

Lorai- Play to Live rises above the underdog stories shown in films. It is about the struggles of life and how people can overcome them. This is one struggle which one must watch. Highly motivating and inspiring!!

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating: 3.5/5

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