Bengali Film for Television Ekla Cholo Review; One that tickles the Funny Bone and Grey Cells alike


Bengali Film for television Ekla Cholo Premiere

Single mothers are a concept which is quite new in this part of the country. Despite laws been passed on this issue, the concept is still unthinkable of. How can a child survive without knowing about the identity of his/her father? Will society accept them? A plethora of questions comes to the mind when the concept of single motherhood comes to one’s mind. Renowned individuals like Eleena Banik, Anindita Sarbadhikari have become single mothers. But still the concept is a much hush-hush topic which most people avoid.

Zee Bangla Cinema Originals and Nideas Creations and Productions Pvt Ltd have recently come up with this unique initiative of producing content exclusively for television. The first film which will be aired soon is Abhijit Guha- Sudeshna Roy’s Ekla Cholo, a film on single mothers. The premiere of the film took place at Mukti World.

The film Ekla Cholo is about Riya Sen who is ditched by her boyfriend Sreejit whom she nags continuously to marry. Frustrated and irritated, the guy breaks up with her. This makes her anti-men and she realizes that her mother had always been right about men. Her father had abandoned her mother when she was a small child. This had made her bitter against men. After the breakup she decided to become a single mother. No doctor agreed for IVF as she was unmarried. She finally gets a doctor Rupam who agrees to help her out. After she becomes pregnant courtesy IVF, her mother raises the question as to who is the father of Riya’s child. This becomes a problem for her and she goes to the clinic for abortion. Does she finally do the abortion? Is she able to unearth the identity of the sperm donor? The film answers all these questions beautifully.

Director duo Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy deserve claps for making a film on such a topical issue. Rather than becoming preachy and boring, the film borders on humor and uses it as a weapon to deal with this issue of single mothers. The script is never let loose by the director duo and they hold the script tightly together. The narrative style also has pace and engages the audience well. Issues like IVF, embryos, zygotes all are explained easily.

The dialogues also are a strong point of this film. The treatment is humorous and the dialogue writer has taken pains to see that the dialogues do not become cheap or cheesy.

Music by Savvy is also a good accompaniment for the film. Tagore’s Ekla Cholo Re has been freshly arranged for the film and the fresh feel gives a huge boost to the narrative structure. The song has been sung by Ujjaini.

Acting is one of the strongest pillars of this film. Sayani Ghosh as Riya Sen breathes life into the character. She is natural as the girl who wants to become a single mother. Kaushik Roy as Rupam is also apt in his role. June Maliah as the mother of Riya also does justice to her small role. Director duo Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha as the doctors who refuse to do IVF on Riya also impart humor to the proceedings.

Ekla Cholo is one of those films which in the garb of humor focuses on grave issues of our day to day life. Rib tickling yet makes you to sit and ponder over the issue.

Ekla Cholo will premiere on Zee Bangla Cinema on 18th January at 9pm. Do not miss it.

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating of Ekla holo Re: 4/5

Review of Bengali Film Ekla Cholo:


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