STORY dedicates a Day to the Adorable Chhota Bheem; Kids Engage and Enjoy to the Fullest


Chhota Bheem at STORY

Chhota Bheem has a huge fan following not only in his native village Dholakpur but also in the city of Kolkata. This was proved amply when the bravest boy of Dholakpur made his entry in the fun session organized for kids at STORY.


The event began with a story telling session with Chhota Bheem. The children danced with Bheem, interacted and took pictures with the brave young lad. Title track of Chhota Bheem and other songs of the series were played much to the delight of the young audience assembled at the Book store.

When the mascot of Chhota Bheem took a break, Chhota Bheem painting competition began among the young participants who drew various figures of Bheem and his friends.


There were game corners also for the young kids. Feed Kalia was one such corner where the young participants could put minimum three smiley balls in the open mouth of the cutout of Kalia. Another game available for the kids includes Jaggu Pin The Tail where the blind folded participants will be guided by the parents for pinning the tail of Jaggu.

The event took place throughout the day much to the delight of the young kids who came to the book store.

Priyanka Dutta

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