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Open Tee Bioscope Premiere

The line from the song “Chhor aaye hum who galiyaan” (from the Bollywood film Maachis) aptly sums up the crux of the film Open Tee Bioscope. The recently released Bengali film which marks the debut of singer Anindya Chatterjee as a director is a tale of first love, first puff, adolescent mood swings, football and much more. It is a trip down memory lane.

The story of the film is about Phoara who gets expelled from the hostel due to some “Bila” that he had done at the hostel. Phoara has never seen his father and whenever he asks his mother, she avoids the topic. He comes to stay with his mother after the expulsion and makes friends with Charan, Kochuya, and Gopa. They are what his mother call “Toh-toh-company”. Phoara meets Titir and Cupid strikes them. This makes Phoara “betrayer” in the eyes of Charan who was actually trying to woo Titir. The sudden death of Charan and the involvement of politics lead to a change in the course in Phoara’s life.

Director Anindya Chatterjee strikes gold with his debut film. Congratulations!!! He captures the essence of a North Kolkata locality with striking perfection. The narrow lanes, the gully cricket, coin booth, Sachin-Maradona on the walls, STD- this time travel that the director initiates is what makes viewing the film so welcoming. The various advertisements like “Doodh, doodh, doodh doodh/doodh hain wonderful” have been included cleverly in the course of the film. There is a fitting tribute to the 90’s with incidents like Ganesha drinking milk, watching the solar eclipse by using x-ray plates or the song “Mile sur mera tumhara”- all will take you back to the 90’s. This element of time travel blends wonderfully well with the narrative.

The only hitch that I felt is that the running time of the film could be reduced by about half an hour.

The actors in the film have aptly helped the debutant director with their acting capabilities. The young brigade shines brightly in this film. Riddhi Sen as Phoara breathes life into the character. Many of us who have grown up in the nineties will be able to relate with his angst and his happiness. Dhee Majumdar (Charan), Rajarshi Nag(Gopa), Surangana Bandopadhyay (Titir), Rwitobrata Mukherjee (Kochua) all are apt in their roles. Koushik Sen as Mahim, Sudipta Chakraborty as Baisakhi also do justice to their roles. A confrontation scene between Phoara and Mahim has been captured beautifully. Riddhi Sen is an actor to watch out for. He certainly has the potential to make it big in the Tinsel Town.

Music by Upal Sengupta matches the tempo of the film. “Pagla khabi ki jhaaje more jabi”, “Bondhu chol”, “Open tee bioscope” all match wonderfully with this film’s proceedings.

Open Tee Bioscope is indeed a wonderful trip down memory lane which, with all its interwoven themes and subtle portrayals of adolescent emotions also ethereally transcends from just a film to a memoir for the young adults. This smart investment by the Gen Y director turned producer Shoojit Sircar is indisputably a Must Watch this weekend.

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating-3.5/5

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