Trailer of Upcoming Bengali Film Ichchemotir Gappo Launched; A Romantic and Surreal Musical Extravaganza coming this Valentine’s Month


Trailer Launch of Ichchemotir Gappo

The trailer of Mac Neill Media’s second presentation, Ichchemotir Gappo which is slated for release on the 20th of February was recently released at CCFC in the presence of the media persons and the film’s star cast.


This film which has been directed by the trio A-AA-K stars Saswata Chatterjee, Tanushree Chakraborty and Saheb Bhattacharya in lead roles and is known to present a complex tale of relationships intertwined with the working complexities of a theater group and dance troupe.


This film is essentially the tale of Ichche (played by Tanushree) who is a skilled dancer who in due course succumbs to depression and steers away from her art and her friend Neel (played by Saswata) who falls in love with her only to be rejected by the lady who is smitten by the charms of the dashing young photographer Rupam (played by Saheb).

Along with subtle and delicate expressions of love and desire, this film also has elaborate dance sequences choreographed by Kohinoor Sen Borat and beautiful songs by composer Kalyan Sen Borat. The songs, dance sequences and vivid portrayal of subtle emotions transform this film into a unique cinematic experience that the audience will love to watch.


Speaking at the occasion, actor Saswata Chatterjee said, “We are into a profession where our success totally depends on the will of the audience as no one is bound to watch movies and so is the case with this film where people are not bound to come to the theaters but I am confident that they will come as not only have we put in our heart and soul into this project but this movie in itself is a beautiful presentation of subtle human emotions that people will enjoy watching”.

This being a very music and dance centric film, veteran music composer Mr. Kalyan Sen Borat has also been able to unleash his creative best and while speaking with Sholoana Bangaliana said, “Composing music for this film was a very pleasant experience as the characters that we see in this film seem very known to me as I have been working with music and dance groups for years now. Moreover, the lyrics penned by Kaushik Sengupta (one of the directors from the trio A-AA-K) are so beautiful and poetic that my melodies could seamlessly blend with the words and thus create soulful music.”


The gorgeous actress Tanushree Chakraborty has been portrayed in this film as a trained dancer and when asked about her real life dance training and skills, Tanushree confessed that she is definitely not trained in dance but at the same time confidently assured the audience that none will be able to say that her performance is not at par as she along with the entire team of Ichchemotir Gappo has slogged real hard to perfect every move and present to the audience a visual treat.

A tale of love and complex human emotions and relationships, Ichchemotir Goppo is sure to be the best Valentine’s week getaway this February.

Photographs and Video by: Amitav Sakar

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