Shobha De: “There are as many Vamps as Villains; Men cannot be Blamed all the Time”; From the Kolkata Literature Festival Stage



The first day of the Kolkata Literature Festival 2015 saw the presence of eminent writer Shobha De in conversation with journalist Jhimli Mukherjee Pandey. Actress Nandana Sen also graced the occasion and was present in place of her mother, eminent writer Nabaneeta Dev Sen.

Shobha De when questioned about her writing mentioned that she had been writing since she was a child. “I have been writing since I was a kid. I have never known when I was not writing. It comes naturally to me” said the writer.

In the course of the conversation writer Shobha De said “It is high time when women must learn to empower themselves. This is of high importance to them. Or else they will be suppressed. We hear that many people have been highlighting that women must not be allowed to wear jeans or short dresses as this is against our culture. I mean what nonsense is that? Is tormenting women part of our culture? It is time when women must become aware of their powers”.

Nandana Sen, an actress in her own right also highlighted on how her mother author Nabaneeta Dev Sen handled both her career and her family.


Shobha De also highlighted on the aspect that there are as many vamps as villains. “You cannot only blame men as women are also equally mean, evil or wicked. For instance my husband has helped me a lot in my career too. Hence it is best to take an impartial view” added the writer.

The session ended with questions from the audience which was candidly answered by Shobha De and Nandana Sen.

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