Interview: Versatile Actor Deboprasad Halder Speaks at Length about his Initiation into the World of Cinema; A Sholoana Bangaliana Exclusive


Interview with Actor Deboprasad Halder


Actor Deboprasad Halder will be seen in an important role in the soon to release thriller Sesh Anko directed by Tathagata Banerjee. The actor spoke at length about his roles, dreams and aspirations in a candid conversation with Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent.


Sholoana BangalianaHi Deboprasad!! Welcome to Sholoana Bangaliana. So to start with, let us talk about what shaped you into the actor that you are today?

Deboprasad Halder– I grew up in Netaji Nagar and studied in AK Ghosh Memorial School. Then I completed my graduation from Netaji Nagar College. After graduation I did a job at a company and also started my business. I met upcoming Bengali film Sesh Anko Director Tathagata Banerjee through a common friend and was highly impressed with his craft. I thought of entering the film industry but I had no idea that I actually will be able to come in front of the camera. I started with looking after the post production work in Kuheli which was aired on Star Jalsa. In due course I was also offered a small role in Kuheli which I did but also got my due share of scolding from Tathagata da for my bad acting. The sheer thrill of being in front of the camera ignited the want to act and henceforth I started learning the craft. Tathagata da helped me immensely and he turned my life completely.

So you entered acting under the guidance of Tathagata da. How supportive was your family, since you do not hail from a film background per say?

My father worked as a Government employee and he was a movie buff. He used to take me to the hall for watching films. He did not understand acting much but his enthusiasm for cinema inspired me much. He once asked me to watch a Nana Patekar film Wajood simply to see his acting. I watched and I was deeply touched. These actions of my father have remained in my sub conscious and have played a role in my becoming an actor.

So it will not be exaggeration to say that you are director Tathagata Banerjee’s discovery?

It is absolutely right that I am indeed his discovery. Right from the very art of acting to that of survival in this industry was taught by none other than Tathagata Da and whatever he has taught, in which ever way will always remain with me.


After Kuheli, how did your acting career shape up?

I used to roam around with Tathagata da. He once said that to be a good actor I need to observe. And during the time after Kuheli, when I did not have much work in my hand, I just used to observe people. This has actually helped me a lot in my acting. I did some work but I was rejected many times. I have had my due share of highs and lows and every experience has been a lesson for life.

Dibaratrir Golpo, directed by Tathagata da was another break that I got. I did an important character in the mega serial which had Bratya basu, Ushashie as my co-actors and this was also quite a big break for me.

Apart From Tathagata Banerjee, Who are the other directors with whom you have worked?

Deboprasad Haldar- I did a role in Anjan Dutta’s Manenquin, a Tele-serial for ETV Bangla. Then I got a call from Srijit Mukherjee for acting in Baishe Srabon. I did a single scene in the film but the film gave me the confidence. The scene was with Parambrata and Raima. Sanjay Pathak next introduced me to Mainak Bhowmick and I did a small scene in the Bengali Film Bedroom. Then Mach, Misti and More, Hemlock Society, Damadol, Ami ar Amar Girlfriends happened. Ami ar Amar Girlfriends actually gave me a position in the industry and I was actually noticed. Take One, Meghe Dhaka Tara, Family Album, Sesh Anko are some of the films that I have done.

You have already worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, any director whom you look forward to work with?

I like most of them but Srijit Mukherjee and Mainak Bhaumik for sure will rank high amongst my favorites!! Mainak’s directorial style and his interaction with the actors is what I really appreciate.

Tell us something about the character that you play in Sesh Anko!!

This is a different character. Firoz Hassan is a Muslim lad who hails from a rich family. He is not a good guy. He is a drug addict and he can do anything to get the drugs. He however has a conscience and in the course of the film he turns into a new leaf. The character has a grey shade to it. I am thankful to Tathagata Banerjee and Sanjib Banerji for actually giving me this character.


What can the audience expect from this soon to release film?

From the way the film has shaped up, I will actually ask the audience not to expect anything as they will be getting surprises in every scene. That I think should be the essence of a thriller. It is a racy, edgy thriller and we all have worked hard to make the film.

Any offers from Bollywood that you have received?

I do not want to reveal much now.

Which character that you have done till now is closest to your heart?

Apart from Sesh Anko, the character that I play in Aami Ar Amar Girlfriends is close to my heart.

This talented young man surely has a promising career ahead as not only does he have the required skills but the patience and perseverance too to fight on too.

We wish Deboprasad All the Best and sincerely hope that he shines in his future endeavors.






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