New Bengali Film Kanchenjunga Express Review; Think Twice Before Boarding



Films on train journeys or on train names have been made in both Bollywood and Tollywood. Instances can be given like The Burning Train, 8.08 er Bonga Local and many others. Treading on the same line is Kanchenjunga Express. The premiere of this Bengali film took place in the presence of the cast members and other celebrities from the Tollywood film fraternity.

Kanchenjunga Express narrates the story of a NGO worker named Nandini. She is a simple, kind hearted woman who is married to the wrong kind of man. The experiences of life had taught her many things and she therefore become hard and independent. Her current boyfriend and her ex-husbands have exploited her enough and this is the reason why she all kinds of male advances. Her story is narrated by Ranjana Chatterjee to Surya Shekhar Gupta, her fellow passenger on the Kanchenjunga Express. Things take an interesting turn from here.

Director Arnab Ghosh’s pace of narrating the story falters very much. So much so that it actually disrupts the smooth viewing process of the film. This acts against the film and I doubt whether the audience will be able to keep their concentration and watch the film. Despite the director’s tall claim that the film falls under the genre of a Thriller, as an audience I was unable to find any thrilling elements in the film. I wish the director had paid more attention to these aspects.

The actors also cannot save this express train from getting derailed. Mumtaz Sorcar tries her best but she fails to save the film. The film was made more than two years ago and Mumtaz’s acting was not so refined and this shows through her performance. Jaya Seal and Rajatava Dutta act out their part well. Sabyasachi Chakraborty’s role did not quite suit his personality and his acting looked as if he was forced!! Kanchan’s comic timing too becomes tedious in this long and boring journey on the express train. Sigh!!

Music by Souvik Gupta is an average fare and does nothing to lessen the boredom of this long journey.

As a traveler who had boarded this train, I will urge you all not to board the Kanchenjunga Express. Or else there are chances that you will be bored to death.

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating- 1.5/5

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