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Swapan Saha, one of the noted film directors who have been making films since 1992 took a break from films a few years ago. The ace director who has presented us with films like the commercially successful Bedenir Prem, Ghatak, Hero, MLA Fatakeshto, Golmaal or Tiger is back after the break with his latest release, Cocktail. Read the review to find how the director fared in his comeback movie.

The story of Cocktail is essentially about Kisholoy who comes to Kolkata as a Sales Executive Manager in a company. Since he is a bachelor, no one was willing to give him the house on rent. So he hatched the idea of telling a lie about his wife and this leads him to getting the room on rent. Meanwhile a group of fraudsters are out duping people and going away with their money. Police officials are on the lookout for the notorious gang. Kisholoy’s life meanwhile runs smoothly until the day when the girl whose picture he had shown as his wife actually comes to live with him. All hell breaks loose as Kisholoy is unable to understand how this is actually possible. What happens to Kisholoy? Is he able to get rid of the girl? What happens to the fraudsters? This is what the film actually divulges.

Director Swapan Saha’s Cocktail has all the essentials required for a commercial entertainer. And the ace director does not disappoint the audience. The film has got the right amount of humor and twists so as to keep the audience engaged. The dialogues do not use the typical slapstick path to evoke humor. The use of blaringly loud background music during important moments may remind many of the K-series directed by Ekta Kapoor. But if you can leave this aside, the director presents us with a simple story which you can sit and actually enjoy.

Music by Akash could have been better. The songs are nothing which you will remember, leave alone humming at a later time.

Biswanath Basu, Rajatava Dutta, Subhasish Mukherjee, Abhishek Chatterjee all breathe life into the characters that they play. Newcomer Simi is stocky and needs immediate brushing up of her acting skills (if she actually wants to survive in this industry). Trambak is quite good but goes overboard in some of the scenes.

Cocktail on the whole is a film which is well made and the audiences will actually be able to sit through the film and watch it. Hence if you are looking for a film to watch this week, this will be a good idea. And if the shortcomings in the film have made you confused then it will be a better option to stay back home and enjoy the ICC World Cup matches. The choice is yours!!

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating- 2.5/5

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