New Bengali Film Achenaa Bondhutto Review; Too many Ideas Spoiled the Broth


New Bengali Film Achena Bondhutto

Article 377 has been the bone of controversy among the people in India for quite some time now. This has even gained prominence after the verdict given by the Supreme Court in the year 2013. Director Hrishikesh Mondol’s film Achena Bondhutto which had its star studded premiere at Nandan deals essentially with this very sensitive issue. Let’s take a look at how the director fared in handling such a delicate topic in his film.

The film is about a director Niladri Roy who wants to stays away from making the typical masala entertainer in his next film. His wife Priyanka works in a NGO working for the rights of the LGBT community. He meets Emon, a young vocalist from a Bengali band during a talk show and develops friendship with him. Their close friendship is misunderstood and Niladri’s wife even leaves him due to this development. Emon also distances himself from Niladri and leads his life in his own way. Niladri finds the subject of his next film and starts his shooting. His subject is the LGBT community. Despite facing hurdles he continues in his pursuit of making the film. Is he able to complete the film? Does Priyanka come back again in his life? These are some of the questions that the film essentially answers.

Director Hrishikesh Mondol must be credited for actually thinking of such a noble idea and making a Kolkata Bengali film on such a controversial issue and waiting for so long to get the green signal from the Censor Board. This is no mean feat given the fact that the Censor Board is now wreaking havoc by saying no to possibly many things shown in films.

However as the saying goes “Too many cooks spoil the broth”- the same happens with this film. Having so many ideas in a single film is not so easy to handle. LGBT community, band culture, homosexuality, society’s outlook- are too much for a single film. An experienced director might have worked wonders with so many subjects, but for a newbie this is indeed a challenge. And the same happens with Hrishikesh, who despite all his attempts does not deliver as expected. Having so many plots in the film often makes the film confusing and the audiences’ patience will be tested. The much hyped about nude scenes are missing from the film and the Censor Board’s scissors must have been responsible for the act.

Music of the film is indeed quite pleasing. This is especially true for the group song involving the band members from different bands whom many of us have grown up listening to. The band song which is sort of an anthem in the film includes Sidhu, Pota, Anupam Roy, Rupam Islam, Upal, Chandrani, Taniya, Surajit Chatterjee, Emon Chatterjee lending their voice and also featuring in the video of the song.

When it comes to the acting department, some of the actors have done quite a good job. Sidhu who also acts in the film as his own self makes quite an impression. He may consider acting in later time. Emon is disappointing in the acting department and should instead focus on his singing (Not everyone can become a Farhan Akhtar). Ushasie as Priyanka is too loud at times and her dubbed voice further makes her unbearable in the course of the film. Sanghamitra Banerjee and Ena saha as Emon’s mother and girlfriend in the film are good in their parts. Teesta Das, a transgender who plays the role of Tilottoma actually gives a credible performance and deserves praise.

Achenaa Bondhutto could have been a stellar film only if the director had focused on one single issue rather than on so many diverse topics. However that does not belittle the determination that the director showed in making a film on such a critical topic. As a film lover, I will fervently hope that Hrishikesh continues his endeavor to make films on delicate and topical issues in future too. All the best!!

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating-2/5


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