New Bengali Film Bheetu Review, Actresses Parno Mitra and Sudipta Chakraborty Prove their Worth with the Racy Thriller



The Bengali word Bheetu signifies someone who is timid or cowardly. Psychologists however have highlighted on the fact that most humans have this trait within them, however brave that person may be outwardly. For instance Adolf Hitler who was such a brave man and who was feared so much was actually afraid of cockroaches. This characteristic is what formed the crux of director Utsav Mukherjee’s film Bheetu.

The story is the tale of two sisters Rohini and Sohini. Sohini is often distressed due to a childhood trauma which she had to go through. She hates her elder sister Rohini for actually not saving her from the incident and not showing enough courage. She hates cowards/ Bheetu individuals. Sohini who became wheelchair bound after the accident returns to stay back with her sister due to her soon to be filed divorce case. Despite misunderstandings and constant quarrels, their life goes on fine until one day Sohini reports being followed by a person. This guy even sends her flowers and earrings as gifts. What happens next? Is Sohini able to unveil the mysterious stalker? Or is this part of something bigger?

After the satire Half Serious, director Utsav Mukherjee is back with this thriller Bheetu. The director must be applauded for actually presenting us with a smart thriller which is ripping and is a thriller in the true sense of the word. Otherwise we have been subjected to many thrillers in recent times which had no element of thrill despite being hailed as a thriller. Smart use of the rape incidents happening in the city and then connecting them to a stalker is indeed praise worthy. The quarrel scenes between the sisters also have been shot extremely well by the director. However the first half dragged at some points and it is the second half which actually increased the pace of this film.

While watching the film, many seated in the audiences will also find a fleeting resemblance to the Kajol- Sanjay Dutt starrer film Dushman. Two sisters, one stalker- all will be quite similar territory for many.

Music by Neel Adhikari is pleasing and blends well with the pace of the film. Anupam Roy and Somlata’s voice lend a good feel to this film.

Acting is one of the biggest assets of this film. Parno Mitra as Sohini gives a matured performance and she is getting better with every film. Shaheb Bhattcharya also is good in his role. Kamaleshwar Mukherjee as the investigating police officer proves yet again that he is capable both in front as well as behind the camera. Sudipta Chakraborty is just amazing as Rohini. Sohini’s vulnerability and her persistent fear have been portrayed extremely convincingly by the actress. The actress can work magic in any role and she proves yet again why she should be cast in such meaningful roles again and again. Ritwick is another actor who actually makes a cold shiver run down your spine with his realistic acting. As the stalker, he breathes life into the character. Not for a single moment does he leave the character.

To conclude, Bheetu is a good film to catch this weekend. Whether you are a coward or courageous at heart, make sure you watch this film.

Sholoana Bangaliana Rating- 3/5

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