Interview- Actress Sonali Gupta on Returning to Films with the role of Satyabati in Upcoming Byomkesh Film Sajarur Kanta



She is a feisty actress in her own right. After having left the world of acting for some years, actress Sonali Gupta is making her return with the upcoming Bengali film Sajarur Kanta where she plays the role of Satyabati. The actress was engaged in a conversation by Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent. Excerpts from the interview..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- You are returning to films after a real long break. What made you say yes to this film?

Sonali Gupta– Frankly I had actually said no to Saibal. One day he called me up and said I had to do this role of Satyabati. I said no and just disconnected the call. But he kept on ringing me up and I had to agree to listen to his script. When I actually heard the script, I was impressed. Moreover with such a stellar cast consisting of Dhritiman Chatterjee, Konkona Sen Sharma, Koushik Sen, Indraneil, I just could not say no after the script reading session. Another factor which also helped me in deciding to take up this role is the fact that I made my debut with a role called Satyabati and I am again returning to films with Satyabati. This is like life coming to a full circle.


How was the overall experience of shooting for Sajarur Kanta; more so since you were facing the camera after many years?

I was apprehensive as to how I will be performing. But Saibal, Dhritiman Chatterjee all helped me a lot in releasing my inner tensions and making me feel comfortable in front of the camera again. The atmosphere was homely and this did not make me feel that I was acting after such a long time. My co-actors were so powerful that I felt that I was nothing in front of them. However the experience was thoroughly enjoyable.

Do you have any memorable shooting experiences?

There is not just a single incident that I will like to mention. We all had a great time shooting actually. We worked like a team, supporting and helping each other out. We never felt like we were actually shooting for a film. When the film ended, we were like “It got over, really?” Such was the level of fun we had on the sets.


How different do you think this Byomkesh will be from the other films released?

This is a different Byomkesh as he is in his sixties. He does not want to work anymore. It is due to the cajoling of his wife Satyabati that he takes up the case. He depends much on his wife now. The companionship between the husband and the wife has been shown wonderfully in this film. The character of Satyabati has been developed very well as a result.


What are your expectations from the film?

I have high expectations from the film. Stellar cast, great script and good music all will surely appeal to the audience. Moreover this Byomkesh is not the young Byomkesh and this will surely hit the audience.

With the film slated for release on the 20th of March, we will have to wait and watch how the film is accepted by the audience and whether it fares better than the other films released on the sleuth.



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