National Award Winning Photographer Debashish Ghosh Ray Exhibits his Priceless Collection at ICCR Kolkata



Nature Speaks- a photography exhibition showcasing Nature as the ultimate artist was recently inaugurated at ICCR by eminent painter Ganesh Haloi. The solo exhibition has photographs taken by National Award winning photographer Debashish Ghosh Ray.


Debashish Ghosh Ray had been noticing the beauty of Nature for quite some time and was very thrilled with it. His teacher Shri Benu Sen asked him to continue with his passion of taking Nature’s pictures. Cultivating this passion for the last seven years have led to the development of the pictures showcased at the photography exhibition.


Since 1983, Debashish Ghosh Ray has devoted his passion towards the art of photography. In 2011 he received the National award as Fine Art Photographer of the year. Besides this, he is also the recipient of numerous international awards too. Debashish Ghosh Ray also has several short films and documentary films to his credit which has been filmed at numerous national and international film festivals.


The photographer has used macro lens for taking of the pictures. Speaking at the occasion, Debashish Ghosh Ray said “Taking pictures of minute things like fungi on the bark of a tree is a difficult job with macro lens. Ten out of hundred pictures snapped are actually good ones. Hence the pressure of taking a good picture remains. Moreover one has to be very patient. I have gone to places like the Botanical Garden and I have not found such trees”.

The pictures on display are also available for sale purpose. The photographer has to be contacted for the purpose.

The exhibition will continue till the 14th of March. Make sure you visit the photography exhibition to get a taste of the real beauty of Nature.

Priyanka Dutta

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