Interview: Actor Koushik Sen on Playing the Bitter-Sweet Probal in Upcoming Bengali Film Sajarur Kanta



Koushik Sen, who has been vowing the audiences with his acting in both films and theatre will be seen in a pivotal role in the upcoming Bengali film Sajarur Kanta. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent engaged the versatile actor in a telephonic conversation about the upcoming Byomkesh Film. Excerpts from the conversation…

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Director Saibal Mitra’s Sajarur Kanta where you have played a pivotal role is to ready for release.. Please enlighten us a bit about the role you play in the film?

Koushik Sen- I play the role of Probal in the film Sajarur Kanta. He is the director of a theatre group. Probal is essentially an individual who loves theatre and also has a cultural bent of mind. In the course of the film, how Probal also becomes a suspect is what the audiences will get to see.

Before being offered the film, had you read the story Sajarur Kanta, if yes, had you ever envisioned yourself playing a character in this epic drama?

Yes, I had read the story many years ago. When Saibal da asked me to do this role, I again read the story. However Saibal da has written the script in such a manner that the character of Probal has been presented with a number of traits. These traits in the character of Probal are what the audiences will be able to relate with.

The character Probal that you play in the film is a villain as represented in the novel, has its representation changed in any form in the upcoming film?

No. The representation of the character has not changed much in the film but Saibal da has added some color to the character to make it more appealing for the current audiences. This will enable them to relate much with the character.


In this film you are primarily shown leading a theater group; how has your being from the theater circuit; that too leader of one, helped in the portrayal of your character in the film?

Yes, that has helped me. But I also shared my experiences of working in theatre with Saibal da. How does the backstage look like or how does one operate a theatre. Saibal da is a wonderful director who had done his homework beforehand. So with my inputs, he just brushed up some aspects of the script.

What kind of homework did you really have to do in order to prepare for this role?

Apart from doing some research for the character of Probal, I did not have to do much. Saibal da contacted with theatre personalities and made a detailed script. The detailing was so good that even we got surprised at times.

Along with Sajarur Kanta, you will also be seen with Konkona Sen Sharma in Suman Ghosh’s next, Kadambari; so how has been your working chemistry with Konkona.

I have also shared screen space with Konkona in films like Iti Mrinalini, Goynar Bakso, Kadambari and now Sajarur Kanta. She is an outstanding actress and very dependable as a co-actor. She knows how to act without speaking too much or how to act subtly. She is fantastic to work with. Indraneil is another actor who has acted beautifully and is a good human being.


Director Saibal Mitra, as has been said by Dhirtiman sir too, gives his actors complete creative freedom; do you also feel the same? How would you describe and rate director Mitra?

Yes, this is true that he gives complete freedom to his actors. He is a director who does not rush though a shot. He gives the actors time to prepare for a shot. He is a man who has ample patience and he is very understanding too.

Sajarur Kanta has some very experienced and veteran actors like Dhritiman Chatterjee and Pradip Mukherjee; share some moments from the sets with these veterans?

Dhritiman Chatterjee is one actor whom I have looked up to since many years. Working with him was a real treat. I have always found him to be a different kind of an actor. His acting is superb and with that he can comfortably overcome all challenges that may come across in terms of the script or the actor’s physical stature. His acting has always attracted me. I have always appreciated his acting.

Any fun moment from the entire shooting schedule that you still cherish and can share with our readers..

We all had a great time shooting for the film. We worked as a team during the shooting of the film. Highlighting one moment will not be possible therefore. It was a long list of fun moments.

The author of Sajarur Kanta had not classified this novel as only a detective story but has left it to the discretion of the readers to classify and categorize it as it features a love story as strongly as it does a sleuths’; so personally how would you like to categorize this novel?

The novel is not only a crime thriller but also has a romantic element to it. Sharadindu Bandopadhyay’s story also showcases socio-political aspects too. The novel has different angles to it and hence it is very interesting.


SajarurKanta, as the director himself points out is a very intense drama, so why do you think should people, who these days mostly enjoy watching frivolous entertainers come to watch this film in theaters?

Well, there are a couple of reasons which will surely attract the audiences to watch this film. Firstly, this is Sharadindu’s Byomkesh. This is not the typical young Byomkesh which one can see being enacted by Abir Chatterjee or Sushant Singh Rajput. This Byomkesh is in his sixties and has aged. He is reluctant to take up the case. It is due to his wife’s persistence that he takes up this case. The setting is 2015 and this will also interest many in the audiences. Haven’t I given enough reasons to watch this film?

With Sajarur Kanta slated for release on the 20th of March, high expectations are building up around the film and as viewers you must not give this film a miss, more so in order to judge if it is really experience that has added to the silver in Byomkesh’s hair.



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