Interview- Director Ranadeep Sarkar on Exposing all that is Dirty in his Upcoming Bengali Film “Not a dirty film”



After having assisted the likes of Kamaleshwar Mukherjee and Anjan Dutt, director Ranadeep Sarkar is ready with his second film “Not a dirty film”. In an extensive telephonic conversation, the director candidly shared many unknown aspects about this upcoming Bengali film which aims to throw light on the pornography industry. Excerpts from the conversation..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Tell us something about “Not a Dirty Film”.

Ranadeep Sarkar– The film is based on the pornography industry which is among the largest and booming businesses in recent times. I found this topic very relevant and topical. Open any newspaper and you will find advertisements stating “Do you need hot partners?” and likewise. The concept of massage parlors and the associated businesses along with it also motivated me to take up this topic and make a film on it.


How much research went before you actually started making the film?

Well, I did much research before I started shooting. This is simply because of the fact that I wanted my film to be factually correct. Nothing depicted in the film is fictional or unrealistic. Everything has been well researched before actually beginning the shooting procedure.

Which actors will be seen essaying out the important characters in your film?

Saheb Bhattacharya will be seen in the role of Neel, while Suchanda Vaniya will play the role of Arpita, Neel’s love interest. Arpita is also better known as Aps. Mumtaz Sorcar will also be seen in an important role in the film, though I will like to keep her character under wraps at the moment. The interesting fact is you have not seen these actors play the role that they have enacted in this film, which makes it so interesting.

Apart from them, Rajatava Dutta will be seen in the role of a detective called Mr. Roy and his assistant Sumana’s role is being played by Ena Saha. Mr. Roy and Sumana provide the much needed comic relief in this tense film. Veteran actress Madhabi Mukherjee will also be seen in a pivotal role in the film. Locket Chatterjee and Krishnakishore will be playing the roles of Neel’s mother and father in the film. Kharaj Mukherjee will play the role of a fortune teller, Acharya Chigu. With this character I want to showcase the hypocrisy which operates among such fortune tellers and how they impact the lives of the common people who often blindly believe them.


You have quite a huge star cast consisting both of veteran actors and young actors. How was the shooting experience like? Did you have any tensions managing such a huge star cast?

No, No, I had a great time shooting for the film actually. I had already assisted eminent directors like Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, Anjan Dutt and that kind of helped me in managing stars. Despite being a young director, I was given respect by the cast. Saheb, Ena, Mumtaz, Suchanda are more like friends and we never had that director-actor equation. It was more of friends working on a group project. Ms. Madhabi Mukherjee even helped by giving advice on filming many scenes and I am immensely grateful to her for all the help.

Did you select the actors simply to increase the glamour quotient and star power of the film?

No, not at all! The casting has been made because I felt that these actors will suit the role much. If there was a need, I would have selected a fresh face for the project.


Who is composing the music of the film?

Dev Sen is the music director of this film. There are four songs in the film, romantic, situational, item number and a rap song. I could have selected any popular music director who is working in the industry. But I felt Dev Sen’s music will suit my film more than the others’. Hence the selection was made.

Since your last film Unishe April has not yet released and this film is based on a bold content, do you think that the Censor Board will pose any problems?

There is nothing glaring or appalling which will make the Censor Board so disturbed so that they will actually pose any problems. There is nothing negative in the film. Double meaning statements are there, but that is the language of today’s youth. This will be acceptable to them, for sure. The film gives a positive message and I just fervently hope there is no Censor Board related issues.

Coming back to the film, what is the message that you want to give with this film?

The message is simple and clear. Social media friends and acquaintances cannot be trusted. Often they actually lead you and trap you in problems that you cannot get rid of. This is true for those youngsters whose parents do not have time for them. They resort to such social media sites to resolve their loneliness and become victims. This is what the film actually demonstrates.

We wish the young and upcoming director Ranadeep Sarkar all the very best for ‘Not a Dirty Film’ (slated for release in the last week of July).



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