Interview: Actor Dwijen Bandyopadhyay on Upcoming Bengali Film Sajarur Kanta; Applauds the Director Saibal Mitra for Honest Portrayal of Theater



Veteran Theater and Film actor Dwijen Bandopadhyay plays a pivotal role in director Saibal Mitra’s upcoming Bengali film Sajarur Kanta presented by Mac Neil Media. Sholoana Bangaliana caught up with the actor in a telephonic conversation and got some interesting insights on the role he plays….

Sholoana Bangaliana: Please throw some light on the character you play in the film Sajarur Kanta?

Dwijen Bandyopadhyay:  I play the role of Deepa’s brother who also acts in theater and my character is very important to the film as it is through my character that the entire plot gets revealed. I am the one who gets Byomkesh involved in the case and in more ways than one act as a catalyst to the whole journey of seeking the truth.

Had you read Saradindu Bandopadhyay’s Sajarur Kanta before being offered this film?

Yes I had read the novel and loved it more because along with all its interwoven plots it also has a societal angle to it and this is Saradindu’s uniqueness. The best thing is that even in this film that very element of connecting with the society has been retained. Saradindu’s Byomkesh is not a mere detective; he is a ‘Satyanweshi’, a truth seeker who goes on to unearth the dark secrets of the society and free mankind of some intrinsic evils.

Since you have read the original book thoroughly, you would be the best person to say if the story has been presented as it is in the movie or has been manipulated in some ways?

Making a movie out of a popular novel is quite a tough task and needs a lot of fineness in scripting and Saibal is just too good in doing this. He has handled the script very delicately and when he had narrated the script to me, I just loved it and found no deviation from the original thought.


Any particular character from the film that you are particularly fond of?

I love my own character! Otherwise I also love Dhirtiman Chatterjee and Kaushik Sen’s characters and their performance in particular.

Along with all the highlights that the film boasts of, Sonali Gupta’s comeback is another USP; how was your experience of working with her?

The film indeed has a stellar cast and Sonali’s return also acts as an icing on the cake but unfortunately I do not have too many scenes with her. Nevertheless, she is a wonderful actor and it is great to be in the same film with such talented actors.

What do you have to say about Saibal Mitra as a director?

Saibal is a wonderful person to work with. He gives his actors complete creative freedom and ensures that they feel completely at home when working with him. His narrative is also so good that we actors do not have any trouble understanding what the character demands. Saibal, while being cool and composed is also a disciplinarian and on his sets work goes on smoothly without any breach in conduct.

You being from the theater also would be the best person to judge if Mr. Mitra has honestly portrayed theater in his upcoming Bengali Film?

Oh Yes! He has portrayed theater with complete honesty. Saibal himself is very closely associated with theater and not only does he avidly watch theater but also takes keen interest in understanding the working mechanism of theater groups. I honestly feel that Saibal’s portrayal of theater in Sajarur Kanta is very realistic and cinematic at the same time and people should watch out for it.

How would you like to classify the film Sajarur Kanta?

This film cannot be classified just like this. It has interwoven tales of love, revenge, crime and even the wrongs prevalent in society today. The subtle nuances of human psychology have also been beautifully portrayed in the film. Byomkesh is not merely a detective who goes about solving cases; he is a truth seeker and brings to the fore several malpractices of the society.


Why do you think people should come to theaters and watch Sajarur Kanta?

This film has Byomkesh at its best and Dhritiman Chatterji who plays the grey haired Byomkesh has essayed the character in his own distinctive style. People should watch this film as it’s a classic entertainer and has been wonderfully made with the efforts of the whole cast and crew.

With Sajarur Kanta ready for release this Friday, expectations around the film are on a high and we are just a day away from the grand release of the film. So book your tickets now and secure your seats for the grand star studded premiere to be held at Nandan.

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