Interview: Actress Sayoni Ghosh on her Upcoming Bengali Film Bitnoon; A Fresh Comedy with Stellar Cast Releasing on April 3



She played the role of a single mother in Abhijit Guha- Sudeshna Roy’s film Ekla Cholo. She will be now essaying out the role of a young choreographer in the director duo’s soon to be released comedy film Bitnoon. She is none other than the feisty, pretty actress Sayoni Ghosh. Excerpts from a conversation between the actress and Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent Priyanka Dutta..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- First things first..Tell us something about your character in Bitnoon.

Sayoni Ghosh- I play the role of Rusha. She is a young choreographer. Rusha is extremely exciting, happy-go-lucky character and very feminine. This is one of the most feminine characters that I have played till now. One of the best things about this girl is she is never sad or unhappy. These terms do not exist in her life. She is full of life. She is like a rock salt or Bitnoon.

This is your second film with the director duo Abhijit Guha- Sudeshna Roy. How was the shooting experience like?

Oh it was great fun..!! This actually is my first film with the director duo. I had already completed shooting for Bitnoon by the time we started shooting for Ekla Cholo. But Ekla Cholo released first. In this film the audiences will get to see the comfort level between me and the director duo. I had always told them to do anything with me to make me suit in the role. When the directors find that you are doing a role sensibly, they take chances with you and also give tips to act better. That actually happened when we shot for Ekla Cholo where we both understood each other well.


You share screen space with Ritwick Chakraborty and Gargi Roy Chowdhury. How was the experience of working with both of these fantastic and experience actors?

I had worked with Ritwick da in a telelvision serial Josh. He was paired opposite me. He was awesome then and he is still a very versatile actor. Whenever I went for a shot, I looked at him and actually that motivated me to act well. Looking at him was a great learning experience.

As for Gargi di, I was nervous as she is a senior and also a talented actress. Though we do not have scenes together, the presence of both these actors has ensured that I maintain my acting levels to the highest degree possible.


Lastly, your ‘technically first’ project with the director duo Ekla Cholo took off on a high, so what expectation do you have from the upcoming Bengali film Bitnoon that not only has the Sudeshna-Abhijit magic but a stellar cast too?

Well I have high hopes and expectations. The success of Ekla Cholo has raised high hopes in mind regarding Bitnoon. I just fervently hope that the audience accepts this film as much as they liked the other film.

Wishing Sayoni Ghosh all the best for this interesting venture and hope Bitnoon opens to packed theaters on April 3.

Priyanka Dutta


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