Film Noir in Indian cinema- A discussion with Ashok Viswanathan before the Release of Upcoming Bengali Film 1+1=3


Upcoming Bengali Film 1+1=3 Director Talks about Film Noir

Film Noir is a cinematic term which is used to describe the stylish Hollywood crime dramas which were so popular in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Such was the popularity that even Indian films and other world cinemas were also equally influenced. Oxford Bookstore Kolkata and Nez Moving Pixels hosted an evening of panel discussion to celebrate the release of Ashok Vishwanathan’s new film 1+1=3.


The evening was introduced by Maina Bhagat, Director, Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata. The panel consisted of eminent personalities like Director Ashok Vishwanathan, veteran film critic and former director of SRFTI, Swapan Mullick, producer Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar, actor Debdut Ghosh and others.

The evening began with Prajna Datta, music director of the upcoming film strumming the guitar and singing a song from the film. This was followed by the discussion on the idea of Film Noir in Indian cinema as well as in world cinema.


The film 1+1=3 is a vehicle for the philosophical exploration in the ruthless world of today. Riya Mitra, Bidhan Mitra and Sadhan Sen are caught in a time-wrap even though they continue with their daily chores. Riya is married to a police officer Bidhan. He is on the hunt for Sadhan who is a notorious revolutionary. The twist in tale is Riya knew Sadhan in her college days and was quite close to him. Will Bidhan know the truth? This is what the film is all about.


Speaking at the occasion, director Ashok Viswanathan said “The film has the element of Film Noir with Riya being the center of things and the activities revolving around her. There will be surprise elements as well. The audiences will have to go the hall to watch these surprises”.

With poetry by Saira Shah Halim and Joie Bose, the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by the guests present at Oxford Bookstore.

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