Interview- Director Abhijit Guha on his Upcoming Bengali Film Bitnoon; A Story that Married Couples will be able to relate with



Director duo Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy is renowned for their meaningful comedy films. Be it Cross Connection, Teen Yaari Kotha, Prem By Chance or the recently released Ekla Cholo, the director duo has been entertaining the masses and also spreading meaningful message amongst the audiences with their films. Sholoana Bangaliana correspondent caught up with director Abhijit Guha to speak about his soon to be released film Bitnoon. Excerpts from the salty-tangy conversation..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Bitnoon is quite an unusual name for a Bengali feature film. Why is the film so named?

Abhijit Guha- Bitnoon or rock salt as you know has a salty and tangy taste to it. There are people with High blood pressure problems or indigestion issues. Taking a pinch of rock salt not only enhances the taste but also helps a lot in the improvement of the health of individuals. Now back to your question as to why we named the film Bitnoon. That is simply because our lives are also filled with such salty and tangy moments. And in this film we will be highlighting life in all its spicy and salty form.


Sounds tasty, I mean interesting. Tell us something about the film’s story.

(Laughs out loud) Even you are finding it tasty at the mere mention of rocksalt. Jokes apart the film showcases conjugal problems. Rahul and Mou is a happily married couple with a six year old son. The trouble is the child does not leave the parents alone thereby destroying the privacy of the parents. Even when Rahul tries to woo his wife, the child comes in way. It is then that Rusha enters his life and this leads to a disastrous and hilarious consequence.

Many Bengali men will be able to relate to the problem that we are trying to showcase with the help of this film. There was a time when people used to say that a child will save a marriage; these days however a child and all the attention he demands increases the gap between the husband and the wife leading to separation. This is a reality and we have been trying to show this in our film. The audiences will surely be able to relate to this fact.


There are a couple of problems showcased in the film about present day society. Are you by any chance giving any solution to the audiences?

No, we are leaving an open end. We are just merely pointing out what is happening all around us. The film is like a mirror of the society and we did not want to pose any solutions to the problem. The audiences are wise enough to know how to tackle their own issues.

Speaking about the cast, you have actors like Sayoni Ghosh, Gargi Roychowdhury and Ritwik in the lead roles. What was the basis for the selection of the roles?

We selected all the three actors as they are all talented and versatile. We did not choose them merely for their star power or fame. They suited the role perfectly well and hence the decision to cast them.


Like all film makers you also do have some expectations from this film. How do you think the film will perform at the box office?

I personally feel that the film will do quite good business. I am not telling it will be a blockbuster. But I hope that the audiences will go to the hall and watch the film. That will be a great appreciation of the hard work that the entire team has done.

Bitnoon releases on the 3rd of April. Make sure you watch this tangy salty real life tale as am sure most couples today will be able to relate to this very realistic depiction of a certain stage of marriage.



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