Actress Locket Chatterjee at first franchise opening of Planet Healers; Energy Healing Introduced to Kolkata


Alternate Healing Therapy Planet healers in Kolkata

“We live hectic lives and are prone to developing stress. This has a harmful effect on our lives. With this healing technique, many people will be immensely benefitted” said actress Locket Chatterjee at the opening of the first franchise of Planet Healers in Kolkata.


The whole concept of Planet Healers is based entirely on the Einsteinium Concept of Energy Healing. According to this concept, a disease or an ailment in the human body can be treated with the help of pure energy. This is also known as Computerized Voice Scan for Healing Code Therapy (HCT).


HCT is a painless and drug free method which uses pure sound frequencies to detect any anomalies in the health of the person. Dr Mahesh Hukmani, CEO and Inventor of Planet healer also added this sound used in the right proportion can cause magical effects in improving health of the people. Not all people will require the same frequency and hence using the same frequency may cause uneasiness and dizziness.


Actress Locket Chatterjee who had undergone a session of Planet Healers was full of praise for the therapy. “With so much stress in our lives, using these kinds of therapies will be of great help. We will not have to take medicines and we can easily get rid of the disease that had been slowly growing in our bodies. I will urge others to take this session and lead a healthy life”.

The first hundred patients will get fifty percent discount on the charges. An individual will have to pay Rs. 2000 per session and about three sessions per month is required to cure an individual.

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