Interview- Actress Gargi Roy Chowdhury on Her Upcoming Bengali Film Bitnoon and the Secret behind her Radiant Glow



She had played the role of a mother who was tired of thinking about her son’s future if he is not admitted in a good English medium school in the film Ramdhanu. But with Bitnoon she will be seen in the role of a mother, whose privacy is jeopardized due to the pranks of her six year old son. Interesting bits of the conversation with the pretty actress..

Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- How much different is this role from that you enacted in Ramdhanu?

Gargi Roy Chowdhury- The only similarity is that I am a wife and a mother of a son. But apart from this the roles are different from each other. In Ramdhanu my character was going crazy thinking about the future of her only son if he is not admitted in a good English medium school. In Bitnoon, Mousumi, the character I play is a girl hailing from a higher middle class background. Her family consists of her husband and their only child. The child does not allow the parents enough privacy and this leads to the entry of the third person in their lives. The two characters therefore are extremely different.


This is your third film with the director duo Sudeshna Roy- Abhijit Guha. What made you actually say “Yes” to the role?

This is actually my third film with them. I have already done Teen Yaari Kotha and Sudhu Tumi with them before Bitnoon happened. The role and also the fact that I have a good working equation with them made me say yes to the role. When I did Dola in Teen Yaari Kotha, I trusted them with closed eyes and did whatever they asked me to do. I also know they are good at drawing great characters in their stories and they will offer me those roles in which they know I can do my best. Hence working with them is always a privilege for me.

The film shows extra-marital affair in a comic manner. What is your take on the subject?

The film may have extra-marital affair in it but this is no Silsila or the other films made on this subject. This is a simple film which showcases the typical Bengali household. However there are some truths which will be showcased in the film. Moreover the third person is usually kept out of the domain of the private life. If the person becomes too important, then the second person loses his/her position. And trouble starts then in the private life of the person.

You began as a news anchor and then shifted to acting. What took you so long to get such good roles?

Well I will say that I was not very keen at that moment to work on such a hectic level. I did not take enough initiatives at that point. That is my fault. I am more responsible now and hence I am getting good roles too (smiles).


With so many young actresses in the industry now, have you ever felt the pressures of competition?

(laughs out loud) Well healthy competition is good for anyone. With this competitive spirit, I want to prove time and again that I can act and can even outshine my own work. And working with the young actresses is always a pleasure.

This is a question I have been dying to ask you for many days now. You are becoming gorgeous with every passing day. What is the secret behind your glamour?

(Blushes and smiles) Thank you, but this has been possible because of my positivity. I am a positive person and that helps to keep away negative emotions. If you have negative thoughts in your mind that will leave an impact on your skin and you will look aged. Hence if you want to look young and radiant, stop thinking about what happened and simply think about the coming day.

The actress who has finished working in Cholochitro Circus is also planning to do a solo show (Opera kind). Wishing the actress all the best for her future endeavors!!



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