Actress Arpita Chatterjee in Candid Conversation with Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee at celebrity chat show Just My Way


Arpita Chatterjee in a candid chat show at Buddha Bites

“I have named you as Arpita Transit Chatterjee” said Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee at he engaged the actress in a one to one conversation in his celebrity chat show titled Just My Way. The conversation took place at Buddha Bites restaurant.


“Just My Way is a celebrity chat show which I designed keeping in mind the structure of the chat show which I saw abroad. That caught my attention and I started this in Kolkata. This kind of show is very different from the Koffee With Karan or the other chat shows that audiences get to see on television” said Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee.


Arpita Chatterjee who has recently tasted success with her last released film Bodhon enquired Sujoy on why he named her as “Arpita Transit Chatterjee”. In reply, he said “Whenever I call you, you are either in Delhi or Bangalore or on the way to studio or shooting somewhere. You are hardly stationary. You are always on the move. If Rituparna has wheels in her legs, then you surely have wings on your back”.


The conversation turned interesting when the actress revealed why she left acting at the peak of her career. “I got married to Prasenjit Chatterjee and I felt that my duties towards my husband and son were more important. Hence I left acting and focused on my duties as a wife and mother” said the actress.

The actress who had chopped her hair for her role in Onir’s film Shab mentioned that it took her a few seconds to decide whether she will cut the hair or not. “Onir is one director who made me nervous with his polite behavior. He is so decent that even I was dumb struck” added the actress with a smile.

Arpita who was full of praises for her husband, actor Prasenjit Chatterjee however added that her husband never had and never will have any business sense. “It is my duty to take forward nIdeas as Bumba da has very poor business sense. The company was left just like that after its formation. I thought why not give it a chance. And hence in a small and steady way we are proceeding” added Arpita.

Actor Joy Sengupta was also present at the chat show and gave interesting inputs to carry forward the show and also kept the guests entertained.

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