Sukalyann’s Dance Studio creates a New Dance Destination for Kolkata Dancers



Eminent dancer Sukalyann Bhattacharjee’s new dance studio, named Sukalyann’s Dance Studio was recently inaugurated in the presence of Indrani Dutta, Indani Halder, Arpita Chatterjee, Chaiti Ghoshal and many more celebrities from the Tollywood fraternity. The professional dance studio is located in Rashbehari near the Gurudwara.

Sukalyan’s Dance Studio will be offering a modern and contemporary studio in Kolkata for the first time. This artistically equipped studio is decorated with all kinds of necessary facilities like Astroturf dance floor, sound proof, video calling and video-conference facilities to communicate with the western world.


Speaking at the occasion, Sukalyann Bhattacharjee said “We have always felt the need for an ideal dance studio in Kolkata. Hence this professional dance studio with all the modern equipments so as to help the students in their dancing”.

The motto is to amalgamate different dance forms in the correct proportions. The professional studio will not bind the students to traditional dance classes, but rather widen their horizon on the dance forms prevalent in other parts of the world. The studio is more like a dance lab where the students will be able to think artistically and widen the frontiers of dance. The studio will also provide the professionals actors and actresses from Kolkata to do their dance practice.

Some of the courses offered include Classical, Contemporary (Sukalyann’s Signature style), Western dance forms like Ballet and Jazz and Yoga.


Make up workshops, Costume workshops, Light Workshops, Theatrical workshops are some dance related workshops that the students will be able to attend. The students from Canada and USA will also take part so that the Indian studenst can know about their dance culture.

The mentors at Sukalyann’s Dance Studio include Ms. Kalavati Devi, Ms.Malabika Sen and Mr. Sukalyann Bhattacharjee.


If you are keen to learn the various other forms of dance and also want to experiment with it, Sukalyann’s Dance Studio is the right place for you.

Priyanka Dutta



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