Celebrate this Poila Boisakh a Little Differently with Arabian Delicacies at Kolkata Restaurant Sigree Global Grill


Arabian Food Festival at Kolkata’ s Sigree Global Grill

Arabian music can be heard in the background, coupled with waiters dressed in Arabic head gears moving around. If you are wondering that this is the setting of a film shoot, then you are completely wrong. The Arabian setting is the new theme for the ongoing food festival at Sigree Global Grill.


The Arabian culture has the influences of Persian, Indian and Mediterranean flavors due to the trade relations that they had with these places. As a result, a marked influence can be observed in their dishes. This is the reason why Sigree Global Grill has brought this Arabian food festival for the food loving people in the city.


The restaurant will be offering a perfect Arabic setting for the customers. The customers will be served a welcome drink after which they can feast on unlimited kebabs (Vegetarian or non-vegetarian). A green and red disc kept on the table will indicate whether the kebabs will be required or not. Keeping the green side will mean the customers need more kebabs while the red side will indicate that the customer requires no more kebabs.


Ingredients like sumac berries, mahlab seeds, mastic resin, zatar herbs have been brought exclusively from the Middle East so as to give the authentic taste to the dishes.

Some of the delicacies on offer include Harissa Grills, Chicken Makbous, Shashlik, Pilaf, Lamb Kibbeh and many more. To cater to the sweet tooth of the people in the city, special desserts will also be offered like Baklava, peanut Butter Tartars and so on.


The Arabian food festival will continue for two weeks. Lunch will be open from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm while dinner will be served from 7 to 11 pm.

The all inclusive lunch for vegetarians will cost Rs 660 and the dinner will cost Rs 765. The non-vegetarian lunch and dinner will cost Rs 710 and Rs 840 respectively.

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