Audio Music Album of Upcoming Bengali Film “Jhumura” launched; Bringing the Folk Flavor to an Urbane Film



Ultimax Productions, launched the music of their upcoming Bengali movie “Jhumura” starring Samadarshi Dutta and Sohini Sarkar in the lead roles. Directed by Anindya Chatterjee, the music of this film is composed by Pijus Chakraborty, Subrata Das and Brahma Khepa(Sanjay). The music was released from the label of Asha Audio in the presence of the star cast and the music directors.


The movie comprises of 12 songs. The songs Lodi Dhare Dhare Bak Chore has been sung by Malabika Bramha, Fokira Hamder by Sudipto Gayen, Chandra Soho Bangshidhoro by Rupam Islam, Chandra Soho Bangshidhoro by Kuchil Mukherjee and Nirmala Mishra, Chandra Soho Bangshidhoro by Somrita Bhattacherjee & Sudipto Gayen, Ami Ki Rup Herilam Go by Postu Bala Devi ( Puruliya Nachni )and Choli Jay Go Radhe by Kuchil Mukherjee. Kuchil Mukherjee and Prossonyo Ray have written the lyrics.


“Pijus, Subrata and Brahma Khepa (Sanjay) have done a great job by composing the songs on the lines of Jhumur folk form. We acquired a lot of help from the inhabitants of Purulia in the field of music” said Anindya Chatterjee.

“It was really challenging and exciting creating the music for this movie. We spent a lot of time to study the local folk art so that the songs can be based on these themes. All the singers have done a splendid job for and I am eagerly awaiting audience feedback”, said Pijus Chakraborty, Subrata Das and Brahma Khepa(Sanjay).


The folk art forms of rural Bengal hardly get any importance in recent times. However once in a while they get noticed by sheer magic by the urban crowd. The story is about two young journalists who visit Purulia to compile a research on ‘Jhumur’, the famous folk art form of Purulia. The story begins from the fictitious village of ‘Jhumura’. The narration of the elderly couple includes two village folks Kanchan and Kusum and their blooming romance. They are from two different strata of society and their love-story is threatened several times by many odds. How they meet, get separated and again re-united, forms the essence of the film’s narrative. There is an exquisite game of time and space throughout the film. A mystic time-traveller holds the chord between two eras.


The movie also stars Kuchil Mukherjee, Gopa Sengupta, Parthasarathi Chakrabarty, Debapratim Dasgupta, Sourav Chakrabarty, Pradip Kumar Chakrabarty, Tania Kar, Suchandra Chandra, Soumya Chatterjee, Shankar Dey, Indra Lahiri and Swarup Dutta.

The movie is slated for release soon.

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