New Aakash Aath Television Series Aami Rabi Thakurer Bou Presents a Perspective on the Bard’s Neglected Wife Mrinalini, Starts May 1



The shooting of Aami Rabi Thakurer Bou, a new love story of Ek Masher Golpo was recently being shot at the Baruipur Rajbari premises. This new love story is part of the Rabindra Jayanti celebrations.


The cast & crew members including Priyam (Rabindranath Tagore), Sonali Chowdhuri (Kadambari), Padmanabh Dasgupta (Jyotirindranath Tagore), Anushka (Bhabatarini), Indrakshi Nag (Mrinalini), Boni Mukherjee (Jnanadanandini), writer Rangan Bandopadhyay and director Manish Ghosh. The scene shot at Baruipur Rajbari saw the young Rabindranath coming to meet his sister-in-law after getting married.


The month long series is based on a book written by ace writer Rangan Bandopadhyay titled “Aami Rabi Thakurer Bou- Mrilanir Gopon Attokotha”. Speaking at the occasion, Rangan Bandopadhyay said “There are numerous books written about the marital life of the Bard. However what makes my book different is that this is written from the perspective of Tagore’s wife. This is the story of a woman who was neglected. To become the wife of Tagore, what price a common girl had to pay is what the book highlights”.


Padmanabh Dasgupta who essays out the role of Jyotidranath Tagore looked every bit the role that he has been asked to play in this serial. “What I feel after doing my research is that Jyotirindranath could have become famous even before Rabindranath Tagore. He was a mentor for the Bard. I like this role because the research that I had to do to play this role helped me know about many unknown facts and incidents”.


Actor Priyam plays the role of Rabindranath Tagore and the actor stated that he was nervous and tensed as to how the audience will accept him in the role of the Bard. “This is a dream role and I am grateful that I have been selected for the role. However the expectations of the people will also be high and I will have to live up to the expectations. If I can become a little bit of the Bard on screen, I will consider myself lucky” said the actor.


Sonali Chowdhuri who plays Kadambari said “The story of Kadambari and Rabindranath Tagore is a fantasy for the Bengalis. I am thankful that I got this role after acting for some years. Had I got the role in the early stages of my career, I do not feel that I would have been able to do justice to the role”.


Ashok Bose has done the script for this month long series. Director Manish Ghosh said “Finding the props of that age was a tough job. The costumes and the hair style could be managed by looking at the pictures. Trouble also begins when after completing a shot we find that a particular wiring is not something you will find at that time. We again have to shoot the scene again. Bengalis are possessive about Rabindranath and we do not want to do mistakes in our serial”.


The month long series will be aired from 1st May onwards, every Friday at 7pm on Aakash Aath.


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