Upcoming Bengali film Gaan Ghor Songs Recorded by Ace Kolkata Singers; Musical Tracing the Journey of an Aspiring Musician



The song recording of the upcoming Bengali film Gaan Ghor took place at a studio near Metropolitan, Bypass. Present at the song recording were music director Kalyan Sen Borat, actresses Locket Chatterjee and Jiniya Mukherjee, director Madhuchhanda Sengupta, singer Shubhomita Banerjee and others.


Based on a story “Aradhika” by writer Sayantany Patatunda, which was published in Sananda 2013, the story of the film Gaan Ghor has been developed. The story of Gaan Ghor is about a famous musician Radhika Gupta who was a famous name in the late 1980’s. However the disappearance of the talented artist is what concerns many musicians. No one knows about her whereabouts. Her songs are played even in the radio even in 2015. Sikhi, an ardent fan of Radhika Gupta wants to become famous like her. What happens next? Can she become the next Radhika Gupta?


“There are nine songs in the film. There are five Rabindrasangeet used in the film. Apart from Shubhomita, Rupankar Bagchi, Dipannita and Raghab Chatterjee will be lending their voices to the songs in this film” said music director Kalyan Sen Borat.

Locket Chatterjee who plays the role of Radhika Gupta in the film said that she had read the story so as to make the character more credible in front of the camera.

The cast consists of Debesh Chattopadhya, Bhaskar Banerjee, Chanchal Ghosh, Ratna Ghoshal, Labony Sarkar and Dr. B. D. Mukherjee.


The DOP of the film is Manas Ganguly, while the screenplay is by Sanjoy Banerjee. The executive producer is Kajal Ghosh and the production designs are handled by Arunava Sengupta.

The film’s shooting will begin from the 3rd of May at Belgachia Rajbari. A majority of the shooting will take place in parts of North Kolkata with the climax being shot at an auditorium.

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