New Bengali Film Jhumura Review; A Film that Time Travels with a Beautiful Love Story and an Equally Splendid Folk Art called Jhumur


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Films on dying art forms of Bengal are being made often by many makers in recent times. However taking the dying art form and blending in it a love story along with the element of time travel is what director Anindya Chatterjee’s recently released film Jhumura is all about. The premiere of the film took place at Nandan.

Riwk and Sahana, two journalists from Kolkata visit Jhumur to compile a research on Jhumur, the famous art form of Purulia. Initially they find nothing substantial. Soon they find an elderly couple who are traditional Jhumur performers. They discover an unheard story about love, hate and compassion between Kusum, a tribal girl and Kanchan, a Brahmin boy with the backdrop of Jhumur. The element of time and space dealt with in the film is what makes the film so appealing.

Director Anindya Chatterjee’s Jhumura is a simple love story told well. Despite the focus on the dying art form, the film never meanders on becoming boring or preachy. The time travel element has been dealt with extremely well by the director. Films focusing on dying forms become either documentaries or short films and have a tendency to become too preachy to be called an entertaining film. But this film has the right amount of romance, despair, pain and fun to give the audiences a wholesome dose of entertainment too. The fate of the villagers of Purulia which do not change for the better despite numerous films or reporting done on them have also been highlighted in the film.

Mrinmay Nandi is the Director of Photography and he has captured the beauty of Purulia with much gusto. From the meandering roads to the streams to the solitary tree under which Kusum and Kanchan romance- all have been captured with much perfection. The cinematography along with the narrative style brings alive the love story on screen.

Pijus Chakraborty, Subrata Das and Brahma Khyapa, the music director trio all do wonders with the music of the film. The songs are soulful and help in the time travel of the audiences smoothly.

Samadarshi Dutta as Riwk/ Kanchan is a revelation. The actor as Kanchan, the lad from Purulia is so credible that you have to think twice to actually understand that this is Samadarshi. Sohini Sarkar as Kusum/ Sahana also does an equally commendable job in the film. More than the journalist Sahana, the actress is credible as the tribal girl Kusum. Extra bonus points to the actors for picking up the Purulia dialect with such perfection. Parthasarathi Chakrabarty, Sabitri Chatterjee, Sourav Chakrabarty all do justice to the roles assigned to them.

Jhumura is a slice of Purulia presented on the big screen. In this age of Watsapp and Facebook love affairs this is indeed a refreshing love story to watch on screen.

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Sholoana Bangaliana Rating- 3.5/5

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