The Heart Throb of many a Female Fans, Actor Abir Chatterjee and Family in a Candid Chat with Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee at Just My Way at Buddha Bites


Abir Chatterjee Chats with Sujoy Prasad at Buddha Bites

The females outnumbered the males finally. Nope, I am not speaking about the gender ratio in India but I am speaking about the audiences present at the fourth episode of the celebrity chat show Just My Way at Buddha Bites. The reason for the huge turn up of the female audiences was due to the presence of a six feet tall, handsome, actor with the heart melting dimpled simple. The man in question is no one other than Abir Chatterjee. The actor was engaged in a candid conversation by popular arts personality Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee.


The event also saw the presence of Abir Chatterjee’s parents Phalguni Chatterjee and Rumki Chatterjee and his wife Nandini. Designer Lopamudra Mandal Saha and veteran actor Barun Chanda was also present at the event.


“Abir was my student at ICFAI. And even his wife was my student. But I have to tell you Abir that my mother who is not keeping too well has just come to see you. You surely have a good female fan following- 18 to 80. How do you handle them?” questioned Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee. The actor was ready with a witty answer as he said that he knew where to draw the line and with the passing of years he could also identify the obsessed fan from the admirers.

Nandini, his wife added to it by stating that Abir had a steady flow of female fans even during their MBA days. “I am accustomed to all the female attention he gets. I have never had to deal with any obsessed female fan yet. He does manage the adulation well” said the actor’s wife.


During the course of the conversation, it was also revealed that Abir Chatterjee is passionate about sports. Such was his passion that his parents did not even think that he would actually land up in acting.

The actor’s other passion is reading. Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay is one of his favorite writers. “Shirshendu Babu is actually the Cupid for me and Nandini. We both love his writings. Recently for a Bengali daily I went to take his interview and I told him that he is the Cupid in my life. He was so excited to listen to that” added the actor.

The actor also revealed that his wife is a “filmy” individual. “I think it helped her to adjust to my family. My sister is also acting in theater like my parents. I am into films. Nandini’s filmy nature surely helped her a lot” said Abir flashing a smile.


When asked why he left the role of Byomkesh for Feluda, the actor said “I am not a risk taking individual. It took me seven years to leave my job and pursue my acting career. My father actually said that I must take the role and give it a try. I was offered Byomkesh when I was dubbing for Cross Connection. That was a big opportunity. But leaving the role of Feluda would be a big mistake. There will be debates as to who is the better detective- Feluda or Byomkesh. But somehow the attachment is more inclined towards Feluda. Hence I made the shift from Byomkesh to Feluda”.

The spirited conversation with lots of humor and adda made the evening special for the fans and admirers of actor Abir Chatterjee.

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