Interview- Actress Sushmita Sen on Upcoming Bengali Film Nirbaak; From Scripts to Costumes, All Came as a Surprise, but that is the Beauty of Nirbaak Reveals the Beauty Queen



Sushmita Sen, the young girl who was crowned Miss Universe in 1994 still retains that universe winning charm and is definitely the dream girl of many a Bengalis. This Bong Beauty who is making her debut in Bengali films with Srijit Mukherji’s Upcoming Bengali film Nirbaak was in Kolkata for the press conference of the film. Sholoana Bangaliana engaged the beauty queen in an engaging conversation..


Priyanka Dutta, Sholoana Bangaliana- Welcome to Kolkata..Let me ask a very cliché but very pertinent question. How does it feel to be finally doing a Bengali film, which is also hailed as your comeback film?

Sushmita Sen- (Smiles broadly) Well this is indeed a very important question. In my part of the world, Nirbaak is hailed as my comeback film. I am glad that I am finally doing a Bengali film. This has been my father’s dream that I do a Bengali film. I am glad I have been finally able to accomplish his dream.


What caught your interest in Nirbaak?

Usually when I read scripts I make notes whenever I do not understand a particular thing or the relevance of a dialogue. But after I read this script, at the end I just drew a Question mark. This is because I did not understand anything about the script. Later when Srijit narrated me the story and explained things, I was like OMG and I agreed to do the film.

How was the experience of working with Srijit Mukherji, the director of your first Bengali film Nirbaak?

He is the very reason I did this film. Apart from this is the fact that one had to emote those emotions which we do not express much in our day to day lives. This is more about emotions left unsaid. I had the apprehension that I would not be able to emote well or speak Bengali in the “Khati Bangali” way. But Srijit was like “I want every word to be spoken in the Khati Bangali way”. So when I was dubbing for my lines which is very little in the film, Srijit used to sit in front of me and help me say the lines. The feeling was similar to a child being instructed to say the lines of a poem at a recitation contest.

How was the work equation with the fellow actors like Jisshu and Ritwick?

Well they are all extremely accomplished actors. It was indeed an honor and pleasure working with them in my debut Bengali film.

What is your role in this film, Nirbaak?

I will not reveal much. The film has four stories and I have acted in all the four stories. I am yet to watch the film after the editing is complete. I am very interested to see how I have fared in the role assigned to me by Srijit. I just hope I have done justice to my role.


Going by the trailers and the promos, you have been given a very simple look in the film. How did you react to the look, given the fact that we always find you dressed in a prim and proper manner?

I was on the verge of tears (smiles). I went to the costume designer and I literally begged that this was my comeback film and I was dressed so ordinarily. How will the audience react to it? I was going crazy actually. But I got accustomed to the dresses and understood that was the need of the role.

Which is the last Bengali film that you have watched?

(Thinks for a moment)..Srijit’s Chotushkone. I really liked the film!


So you have finally made your debut in Bengali films. Do we get to see you more in Bengali films now?

Let’s see whether the directors in Bengal approach me or not. Only then can say whether you get to see more or me of not.

With Sushmita Sen finally coming to Tollywood and that too in National Award Winning Director Srijit Mukherji’s Film, we just hope that her debut film Nirbaak strikes gold and gives Bengal another cinematic legacy to boast about.



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